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New launches from Canford at CABSAT 2012

CABSAT will see the regional launch of Canford’s latest designs of broadcast pattern fibre optic termination panels and 3G HDTV compatible MUSA and 3G compatible HD BNC panels. New mains power distribution panels providing sequential power up and sequential power down will be shown at CABSAT for the first time. Also the new CatKit Cat5e breakout boxes (stage boxes) will make their show debut and the D’n’A range of cables which provide both digital and analogue audio signal transmission capability in the same cable will be on display. New LED racklights and shuttered scriptlight designs will be shown including an ultra low profile recessed version for vehicles where headroom is limited.

Canford is to launch a new range of ‘broadcast pattern’ fibre optic termination panels to the Middle East at CABSAT. The new range features a choice of high quality, ceramic couplers and is manufactured from a rigid aluminium extrusion. Crucially for mobile and outside broadcast applications, this new range rejects the frequently fragile and bulky splicing trays provided on most datacom fibre panel designs, for a simple lace bar. Canford 3G HD video and audio connection panels are already trusted by the World’s leading broadcasters and have been used in most of the recent major broadcast events including FIFA World Cups, Olympics PGA Golf, Wimbledon, UEFA European Championships, English Premier League football and the UK royal wedding.

Canford has extended its comprehensive range of mains power distribution units (MDUs) with the addition of a new series featuring both sequential power up and power down. These latest versions will receive their regional launch at CABSAT and will be available with power filtering and in a variety of inlet and outlet types based on IEC or Neutrik Powercon connectors.

With the addition of this new series Canford’s MDU range will comprise well over 300 versions all designed by broadcast engineers. If the standard range does not exactly meet your requirements, Canford is able to incorporate a wide variety of other connectors, switches, circuit breakers, filters, and sequencing relays.

New Cat5e type multicore cables and breakout boxes will be shown at CABSAT for the first time. Available in 4 way or 8 way versions they are based on a heavily modified and ruggedized Neutrik stagebox and etherCON connectors. The tour-grade strength and shrouded etherCON connectors preserve the delicate RJ45 connectors while rigging live events, at the same time offering a truly flexible cable already operationally proven to exceed cat5e. The breakout boxes and multicore cables are available as separate items or as complete assemblies and as standard come in 25m, 50m and 75m lengths. Canford will also make custom lengths to customer specifications.

The Canford D’n’A cable range (Digital and Analogue) has been designed to transmit digital as well as analogue audio signals. The 100 ohm impedance is well within the AES specification and has been proven to be optimal for AES/EBU digital audio signals as well as analogue microphone and line level signals. Single and multicore versions are offered, many available with Low Fire Hazard (LFH) jackets.

At the request of several outside broadcast vehicle builders and operators, Canford has developed a range of 6500K LED miniature script lights. Housed in either a miniature extrusion or a recessed housing protruding just 10mm from the ceiling, the dimmable LED strip draws minimal current and generates virtually no heat making them ideally suited to mobile applications.

Hall Number:  Sheikh Saeed 2    Stand Number: S2-B13

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