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Clearance List update - Feb 2021

clearance list update

These Clearance Offers are products where we would like to reduce or clear our inventory. They may be overstocked or end of line items, ex-demonstration or exhibition products, or "off-catalogue" items. The prices reflect the condition, as well as how keen we are to clear them out, and range from a decent discount to amazingly low!

All products in this list are new and unused unless otherwise stated, although packaging may have been opened or is missing.

STOCKS AT THESE PRICES ARE LIMITED. The Clearance price is ONLY applicable to stock in our warehouse that we want to clear. If you order more than we have in stock, we will reduce your order to the quantity we have available at the Clearance price.

View the full CLEARANCE LIST (over 720 discounted lines!)




GREEN-GO MCD24 DIGITAL DESK STATION 24-channel, ethercon RJ45 connection (ex-demo)

26-756 GREEN-GO MCD24 DIGITAL DESK STATION 24-channel, ethercon RJ45 connection (ex-demo)

These are desk-top, rack-mounting and wall-mounting intercom stations. They communicate over the network with other Green-Go digital intercom stations. Each station is connected to a network switch using standard Ethernet cabling. They can be powered over the network if the switch provides power over Ethernet; an accessory power supply can be used for desktop and rack-mounting types.

NOW ONLY £995.00

Saving £1,565.00 each (ex. VAT) Qualifies for FREE standard UK delivery!



44-8802 CANFORD TAILBOARD PANEL Angled 2U 5x MIL26 plug / socket, grey

These 19 inch, rack-mounting, panels are designed to support a wide variety of audio connectors on the tailboard of outside broadcast vehicles, in studio or stadia wall-boxes, or in 'fly away' racks or flight-cases. Angled versions, manufactured from a unique 'Z' profile aluminium-extrusion, present the connector axis at a 23.5 degree downward angle. This angle relieves strain on the cable connector termination and eases mating during rigging.

NOW ONLY £10.00

Saving £55.01 each (ex. VAT)




  • IEC 16 Amp
  • 2 x UK 13 Amp
  • 16 x IEC type F 6 Amp plus 2 x UK 13 Amp

These rack-mounting panels are engineered specifically to provide a versatile, safe, solution to the problem of powering the diverse combinations of equipment, commonly mounted in mobile racks, for temporary installations in live entertainment, location recording and outside broadcast work. The internationally approved, splash-proof, connectors, used for supply cabling, are rugged enough for mobile applications, as the ubiquitous yellow 110V versions, surviving continued brutal abuse on building sites, demonstrate.

NOW ONLY £95.00

Saving £128 each (ex. VAT)


38-8871 LUSEM OXLINX LHM-PLAO Active optical cable, HDMI 1.4, Micro HDMI-D to A adapters, 100 metres

Lusem's 'OxLinx' series, active, optical HDMI cables are intended for applications where longer cable-run lengths than those obtainable with standard copper HDMI cables are required. They take power from the HDMI connection on the send and receive devices. They are also useful where the cable needs to pass through environments with high electrical interference.

NOW ONLY £175.00

Saving £421.00 each (ex. VAT) Qualifies for FREE standard UK delivery!



15-1248 CANFORD ES4154008/O DESKTOP SURFACE Pod 8U, acrylic door

For use in home, educational, corporate and commercial environments, where visual appearance is important. These desktop 19-inch cabinets are constructed from high-density particle board, finished with ash, oak or beech veneer, with mitred joints for an aesthetic finish. Available in six heights, they are open at the rear, with 19-inch mounting facilities at the front. Available with a tinted acrylic or solid inset door. All lockable for security.

  • Finish: Oak   
  • Door type: Inset acrylic         
  • Dimensions: H 396mm - W 570mm - D 400mm (Usable Depth 370mm)

NOW ONLY £130.00

Saving £31.80 each (ex. VAT) Qualifies for FREE standard UK delivery!



56-4002 BOSE SOUNDCOMM B30 HEADSET Dual sided, right side mic boom (ex display)

Acoustic noise-cancelling technology, coupled with a noise-cancelling microphone and an earpiece cushion design providing a good acoustic seal, offers increased attenuation of low-frequency noise providing clear audio for enhanced communications.

NOW ONLY £395.00

Saving £450 each (ex. VAT) Qualifies for FREE standard UK delivery!




Based on an idea from a well-known musician's guitar technician, the compact Guitar Headphone Amplifier from EMO offers a low noise, high-impedance, input stage, suitable for a wide range of passive and active instrument pick-ups, combined with a powerful headphone amplifier, capable of driving low and high-impedance headphones to a suitable level to combat noisy environments. The electronics are housed in a rugged aluminium extrusion fitted with a handy belt clip.

NOW ONLY £45.00

Saving £79.00 each (ex. VAT)

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