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NEW: DACS HeadLite 3+ headphone amplifiers

The DACS HeadLite 3+ adds a new twist to this successful range of studio headphone amplifiers.

High-end headphones often require a huge amount of power to drive them properly. DACS +Power modules address this, and provide the necessary "ultra-clean drive" the most power hungry headphones need.

As well as powering low impedance planar magnetic headphones, it can drive multiple sets of standard headphones with outstanding performance. The +Power module is fitted as standard on Ch.1 of the HeadLite 3+ with ordering options for it to be included on channels 2, 3 and 4.

+Power provides drive to spare for taking low-impedance high-power headphones to the peak of their performance - enabling a cleaner output signal that is less susceptible to distortion and therefore less likely to damage your hearing. It will also allow the driving of multiple higher impedance phones. A +Power channel can drive 6 or more high impedance headphones rated at 400 Ohm or more.

View the DACS HeadLite 3+ here.

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