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Canford News

The latest news from Canford including show previews and reviews, new product launches and prestigious projects we've supplied equipment for.

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  • Dragons and Millepedes

    Dragons and Millepedes

    Just as the March 2009 edition of our newsletter was being put to bed, the BBC were airing a repeat of a ‘Dragon’s Den’ programme where one of the applicants was pitching a ‘new’ type of cable clamp called the ‘Rapstrap’.

  • New home of National Youth Theatre gets Tecpro

    New home of National Youth Theatre gets Tecpro

    Canford has supplied Tecpro comms equipment, cabling and racking infrastructure to Audio Light Systems for installation in the newly opened Michael Croft Theatre, the new home of the National Youth Theatre.

  • Shining lights

    Shining lights

    Success may have been in short supply on the pitch recently but a welcome sign of success for Canford’s apprentices was evident at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light just before Christmas.

  • A Paladin tool for everyone

    A Paladin tool for everyone

    Paladin tools are loved by wiremen, technicians and engineers the world over and we think they are pretty good too! The range Canford carries provides a Paladin tool for all the typical jobs you will come across in audio, video, data and comms.

  • Adapters to interface between HDMI, DVI, USB, D-SUB & more

    Adapters to interface between HDMI, DVI, USB, D-SUB & more

    With the greater than ever use of semi-pro and consumer interconnect products the importance of the humble adapter has increased significantly. Inevitably this leads to the odd hiccup in mating two products or cables together which is why Canford offers a wide range of audio and video adapters (or adaptors as our US cousins would say) that should solve a lot of problems. Canford also stock suitable cables and patch cords for these products.

  • Canford's analogue switch off!

    Canford's analogue switch off!

    Canford is about to retire all our old analogue exchange numbers leaving only the numbers you will have seen advertised for the last decade. We moved to a digital PABX in 1999 welcoming in the new millennium with the latest in digital technology. The transfer was highly successful providing a range of direct dial numbers for our customers to reach any of our departments without having to go directly through the Canford switchboard

  • Top TV sound recordist heads for the desert with Panamic poles

    Top TV sound recordist heads for the desert with Panamic poles

    Roger Lucas, one of the UK’s top sound recordists, has been using Panamic boom poles from as far back as he can remember and rates them as the best in the business. Roger has used the poles in the widest variety of challenging locations and on some of the UK’s favourite TV shows. He is about to put his Panamics through another gruelling shoot in the Syrian Desert.

  • Kilimanjaro


    In July, a multi-ability team of disabled and non-disabled adults climbed Kilimanjaro accompanied by a film crew. This was a very real challenge - on average, ten climbers die each year while trying to reach the summit.

  • Canford plastic cable tray relaunched

    Canford plastic cable tray relaunched

    Canford has announced the relaunch of their plastic cable trays. These tough utilitarian products are Canford designed and provide many advantages over the more traditional steel offerings not the least of which being their lighter weight and ease of cutting to appropriate lengths.

  • Canford stops recycling!...

    Canford stops recycling!...

    …and begins re-using. One of the biggest impacts Canford has on the environment is in our necessary use of packaging in various forms. From this point forward Canford will re-use all boxes and other packaging materials wherever possible when packing your order for despatch, a scheme that is even more environmentally friendly than recycling as no energy input is required.

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