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CANFORD ES6450082/G-T HEAVY DUTY CASTORS For ES262, ES296 rack, grey, set, 2 braked, 2 unbraked

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  • ES6450082/G-T
  • GreyGrey
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CANFORD RACKS - Accessories - Hardware - For ES262, ES296 Series

Brackets, feet, castors, plinths, baying kits, internal shelves, ESD bonding points and vertical cable management panels designed for use with ES262 Series and ES296 Series racks. Some may, however be adaptable for use with other racks.

Floor Fixing Brackets

A set of four brackets which hook over the lower frame of the rack and then can be fastened to the floor. Recommended with taller racks with heavy loads.

Levelling Feet

Nylon feet on 64mm threaded steel studs, to screw in the base of racks. Thread: 12mm. Maximum loading per set of four: 800kg, subject to load capability of flooring. These may be fitted as well as the standard castors supplied with the rack, but can not be used with the medium or heavy duty castors.


Alternative castors for use with heavier loads than the standard castors supplied with the rack, these are supplied as sets of four castors, 2x braked, 2x unbraked. The medium duty models screw into threaded apertures on the base of the rack; heavy duty versions fasten to an adapter plate which, in turn is bolted to the base of the rack. Fasteners included. Note that castors can not be used when a plinth is fitted to a rack.

Code Diameter Height(1) Loading(2)
15-949 63mm 92mm 600kg
15-917 80mm 110mm 800kg
15-918 80mm 110mm 800kg
15-919 80mm 110mm 800kg

Note (1): Additional height of rack when castors are fitted. (2)Total loading, including weight of rack, per set of four castors.


Used to space the cabinet off the floor by 100mm, allowing access for cables into the base of the cabinet when the cabinet is on a solid floor. The plinth corner kit contains four corner pieces which bolt to the underside of the rack. Infill panels, ordered separately, are then screwed to the corner pieces to blank off the sides as required. Fasteners included.

Baying Kit

This is a set of four metal brackets, used to connect two cabinets together when assembling a bayed suite of racks. Side panels may not be used where these brackets are in place. Fasteners not required.

Earth Bonding Point

Used for the connection of an ESD grounding wrist strap (not included) when working on delicate equipment or in an EPA, these kits consist of a clearly marked ABS front plate, 25x35mm, and the necessary hardware to mount an isolated 10mm snap stud (to IEC 61340-5-2) through a 6mm hole drilled in a metal panel. A ring terminal is included to bond the snap stud to ground at an appropriate point in the rack.

Heavy Duty Base Shelves

These are steel plates which locate on the lower frame of the rack to support heavy objects such as batteries or UPS. Finish: Galvanized. Note that these shelves block access to the cable access panels in the base. Fasteners not required.

Heavy Duty Mounting Shelves

These are steel shelves which attach with bolts to cage nuts fitted in the inside flanges of the front and rear vertical mounting profiles to support heavy objects such as batteries or UPS. Finish: Galvanized. Fasteners not included.

Ventilated Shelves

These are folded steel trays with a series of ventilation slots. Available in three depths, they attach with bolts to cage nuts fitted in the inside flanges of the front and rear vertical mounting profiles. Fasteners not included.

Vertical Cable Management Panels

Designed for use with 800mm wide racks, these bolt to the spacer blocks which separate the vertical mounting profile and the rack pillar at either side of the rack, thus making use of the open space. Usually fitted at the front of the rack, the panels consist of a 'U' shaped channel with a metal cover which snaps off, the base of the 'U' fixed to the blocks. The base and side of the 'U' have a series of large apertures for cable routing and plastic clips to assist in cable management.

Typical uses would include the routing of patch-cords between network switches and patch panels, with cables routed horizontally from a switch to the management panel then up or down in the channel then across to the patch panel. The panels may also be fitted in at the rear of the 800mm wide racks, and could also be used fitted to the side cross-members of any of the ES262 and ES296 Series racks. Fasteners included. Since fixing holes are spaced vertically in 1U increments, it is possible that the panels may be used with other racks.

Cable Access Infill Panel - Brush strip

This replaces the cable access cut-out in the base or top of ES262 and ES296 Series racks. A 'letterbox' cut-out is masked by brush strip, allowing cables to pass through while reducing the ingress of dust. Finish: Black, RAL 9004 powder coat.

Spare Locks

Replacements for either the swing locks fitted to all 262 Series and 296 Series glass and mesh doors, having a door handle which sinks into the door when locked, nearly flush with the front, or the cylinder locks fitted to both side panels and rear doors, are supplied complete with a set of two keys and all necessary actuators and fasteners.

Spare Keys

Spare keys are available for the locks fitted to front doors and the locks fitted to rear doors and side panels. Please contact Canford UK Sales on 0191 418 1122 or International Sales on +44 191 418 1133.