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16 August 2022
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TECPRO SC931 Tecpro system combiner

Stock code
Model number
  • SC931
TECPRO SC931 Tecpro system combiner


The SC931 Tecpro System Combiner provides a simple and convenient way to link two independent Tecpro wired intercom systems together without compromising the performance of either system.

It allows both the audio and Tecpro control signals to pass unhindered between the two linked intercoms while keeping both 24V DC power supplies separate and independent. The SC931 has no impact on the impedance of the audio line and can work with single or dual circuit comms systems.

  • Simple, elegant solution for combining two independent Tecpro wired intercom systems
  • Single and dual-circuit operation
  • Passes all Tecpro audio and control signals
  • Each system's power supply remains separate and independent
  • 200 ohm audio line-impedance maintained
  • Requires no separate PSU - draws power from 24V DC Tecpro line
  • Choice of both 3-pin and 5-pin connection
  • Tough extruded aluminium enclosure with ABS end mouldings
  • Operates with latest Series 2 and older Tecpro designs

The SC931 System Combiner is housed in a rugged aluminium case and offers a choice of 3-pin and 5-pin female XLR connectors on either end to accommodate different wiring conventions. To combine two Tecpro wired intercoms, simply connect one to each end of the enclosure. The unit requires no power supply as it draws power from either of the attached Tecpro intercom circuits, automatically selecting the circuit offering the highest voltage.

If used with older Tecpro products which use a 9V DC voltage presence rather than a supersonic (20kHz) tone to trigger 'Call Alert' mode, the DC voltage will be detected but will not be passed directly from one intercom to the other. Instead, while 9V DC control voltage remains present on one intercom, the Combiner will generate a 'mimic' DC voltage, which it then feeds into the second system.

The combiner is compatible with the latest Series 2 Tecpro products and all older Tecpro designs.

A typical use for the SC931 would be the combining of a touring intercom system with a venue's permanent installed intercom.

Technical Specification
Power requirements: 24 - 30V DC
Maximum current consumption: 35mA
Dimensions: 215 x 110 x 46mm (l x w x h) mm.
Weight: 600g