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GLENSOUND CUB PSU AC ADAPTER Spare, for Cub smart phone audio interface

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  • CUB
GLENSOUND CUB PSU AC ADAPTER Spare, for Cub smart phone audio interface


The Cub is a two input, two output, battery-powered, digital mixer with an interface for iPhones, smart phones, or PCs, providing high-quality simultaneous recording or live reporting and return monitoring interfaces, for use by broadcasters, recording engineers and musicians with applications including IP codecs, multi track recorders, test and measurement and intercom interfaces. The Cub, which could also be described as an external USB sound card, has two analogue inputs and two local outputs as well as the USB interface to the recording device.

Constructed in a powder-coated, aluminium case, the mixer has two electronically-balanced inputs, accessed by 3-pin female XLRs on the side. On the front panel, the inputs can be individually switched between line or microphone sensitivity using slide-switches; 48V phantom power is available when switched to microphone level. The microphone inputs have the Glensound 'Referee' digital compressor/limiter system. Two individual rotary fader controls set the desired level. Microphone gain is digitally controlled to minimise noise while providing a constant 30dB of headroom, 'enough for even the most excited of commentators'.

Each input has an illuminated 'on' switch which have multiple operation modes, set at switch-on, including momentary on/off, latching on/off, intelligent on/off, cough and IFB mode. The inputs may be routed to left or right outputs or both. Mixer output level is shown by two rows of four LED indicators; the two local line-level outputs are electronically balanced, connected by 3-pin male XLR connectors on the side.

Two separate headphone amplifiers are fed by a headphone mixer with three inputs; USB audio one, USB audio two, and mix of the two analogue incoming audio channels. Three rotary controls set the level, three slide switches route the inputs to feed left ear, right ear or both. The headphone outputs are provided using individual A/B gauge, 6.35mm jack sockets, for use with headphones between 32 and 2000 ohms impedance. Different impedances can be used with the two amplifiers without affecting level or battery performance.

There are three USB connections on the Cub. The top panel has a shielded type A USB plug, for USB audio connection to smart devices positioned on the micro sucker pad on the top panel of the unit. A mini USB socket on the side panel provides USB audio connections to PCs, laptops, or notepads (the two USB audio connections can not be used simultaneously). A mini USB socket is available on the front panel for updates and internal routing configuration. The bi-directional USB audio streams are at 48kHz sampling rate, 24 bits.

The Cub operates as a 'plug and play' Class 1 USB audio device when connected to a PC. For low-latency mode, ASIO drivers can also be used (not supplied, but available online). Class 2 USB audio drivers are available for download on the Glensound web site.

A battery compartment on the rear, accessible via two thumb screws, holds four AA batteries. The Cub will operate in excess of four hours on one set of alkaline batteries. An external 12V DC power supply connection is provided.

Dimensions: 185 x 125 x 60mm.

Included accessories: iPhone lightning connector lead, iPhone 30-pin connector lead, mini USB to A type USB lead, mini USB to micro USB lead, hard plastic case, shoulder strap, external AC power adapter.

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GLENSOUND CUB SMART PHONE AUDIO INTERFACE For iPod, smartphones, PCs, USB mixer, 2x in 2x out Stock code: 28-7901
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GLENSOUND CUB PSU AC ADAPTER Spare, for Cub smart phone audio interface Stock code: 28-7902
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