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COUNTRYMAN WCE6iT-LEMO3 MICROPHONE Omnidirectional earset, tan, LEMO-3

Stock code
Model number
  • WCE6iT-LEMO3
  • TanTan
COUNTRYMAN WCE6iT-LEMO3 MICROPHONE Omnidirectional earset, tan, LEMO-3

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Countryman WCE6 Earset Microphone

Practically invisible to live or broadcast audiences, the WCE6 is incredibly comfortable.  Available in multiple skin tones and coverage patterns, it captures the closest source clearly with excellent rejection of wind, ambient noise, and feedback.  In addition, the snap-on cable makes your WCE6 compatible with all Shure wireless microphone systems.

Now Available in more color options including black, tan, light tan and cocoa.


  • Smallest, lightest, most comfortable microphone of its kind
  • User-friendly for new and experienced users alike
  • Excellent for singing and spoken word applications
  • Extremely popular in houses of worship, theater and broadcast settings
  • Almost invisible against many skin tones
  • Rugged, bendable boom assures a custom fit for every wearer
  • Hands-free, wireless-enabled microphone allows total freedom of movement
  • Exclusive snap-on cables in 1mm or 2mm diameter for field replacement or compatibility with various wireless systems
  • Highly resistant to sweat and moisture
  • High quality voice pickup - more consistent than any lavalier
  • Excellent rejection of surrounding noise
  • Reduces feedback in meeting rooms or houses of worship an average of 12dB compared to an omni lavalier
  • Omnidirectional microphone is virtually immune to wind and breath pops, even without a windscreen
 WCE6(B, C, T, LT)   Countryman Omnidirectional Earset Microphone, TA4F Connector (Black, Cocoa, Tan, Light Tan)
 WCE6(B, C, T, LT)-LEMO3  Countryman Omnidirectional Earset Microphone,  Lemo-3 Connector (Black, Cocoa, Tan, Light Tan)
 WCE6(B, C, T, LT)D Countryman Directional Earset Microphone, Black, TA4F Connector (Black, Cocoa, Tan, Light Tan)
 WCE6(B, C, T, LT)D-LEMO3  Countryman Directional Earset Microphone,  Lemo-3 Connector (Black, Cocoa, Tan, Light Tan)


Countryman Product Specifications:

Frequency Response
Omnidirectional: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
30 Hz to 15 kHz
Omnidirectional: 7.0 mV/Pascal
1.9 mV/Pascal
Equivalent Acoustic Noise
24 dBA SPL
Overload Sound Level
Omnidirectional: 130 dB SPL
135 dB SPL
Operating Current
500 μA
Operating Voltage
1 - 2 Volts
Power Supply Voltage
+3 V with 2.7 kOhm Load
+5 V with 6.8 kOhm Load
+9 V with 15 kOhm Load
0.07 oz (2 grams)
Supplied Accessories:
Carrying case, cable clip, windscreen and set of 3 protective caps


Countryman microphones offer 'exceptional sound quality and comfort' while being nearly invisible to live and broadcast audiences. These microphones are 'perfect for wireless production applications where concealment is a major concern'.

The WCE6 earset models are available in multiple coverage patterns and skin tones; the WCE6i version with flexible boom is very easy to adjust and 'perfect when one earset is shared among several people'.

All are available with two different kinds of connectors, TA4F miniature XLR and LEMO-3, wired to suit Shure wireless systems.