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YAMAHA 01V96i MIXER Digital, 36-channel, 16+1 faders, 10 mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line inputs

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Model number
  • 01V96i
YAMAHA 01V96i MIXER Digital, 36-channel, 16+1 faders, 10 mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line inputs
YAMAHA 01V96i MIXER Digital, 36-channel, 16+1 faders, 10 mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line inputsYAMAHA 01V96i MIXER Digital, 36-channel, 16+1 faders, 10 mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line inputsYAMAHA 01V96i MIXER Digital, 36-channel, 16+1 faders, 10 mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line inputs


Yamaha 01v96i is a digital mixing console designed for live, studio, or production applications. With features including 24bit/96kHz audio, 16-in/16-out audio streaming via USB, and a suite of internal software based Yamaha VCM and REV-X effects processors, the 01v96i is a powerful console that can has the ability to produce professional level results.

The rear facing panel of the mixing console houses AC mains input via IEC connection, power on/off switch, USB 2.0 to host, MIDI in/out/thru, digital 2-track input via coaxial connector, digital 2-track output vi coaxial connector, ADAT I/O via optical connectors, word clock in/out via BNC, +4dB stereo left and right outputs on balanced 3-in XLR connections, 4x balanced 6.35mm jack outputs for ‘omni’ out connections, with two more for monitor L/R outputs, and three switches for +48V phantom power application – grouped 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12. An expansion card slot is also positioned on the rear facing panel for use with optional I/O interface cards, see YAMAHA INTERFACE CARDS. As standard this slot is covered with a metal plate.

The main surface of the 01v96i houses all other connectivity and operational switching including twelve balanced mic/line input channels on XLR or 6.35mm jack, and four additional line level inputs on 6.35mm jack socket. 2-track I/O is via dual unbalanced, -10dBV RCA (phono) connectors. Channels 1-16 have independent rotary gain controls, whilst channels 1-12 also have insert I/O connections on 6.35mm TRS jack, and 20dB pad switches. All input channels have separate LEDs to indicate signal and peak input. The sixteen motorised 100mm channel faders are joined by a red single stereo output fader, with the input channel faders switchable to input channels 17-32 or auxiliary 1-8 and bus 1-8. All faders have a dedicated ‘on’ switch which is illuminated with a green LED when live; an illuminating ‘SEL’ button to select the corresponding channel for editing; and channels 1-16 also have illuminating solo buttons. Stereo inputs 1-4 also have dedicated ‘ON’, ‘SOLO’, and ‘SEL’ buttons, with a separate button to switch between stereo channels 1+2/3+4.

Above the fader section, and located in the middle is a large backlit display. This display enables the engineer to view channel settings and displays including scene, digital I/O, MIDI, dynamics, EQ, effects, and pan/routing. Each of these views can be quickly accessed via dedicated ‘Display Access’ buttons to the left of the screen, and then navigated using the left/right/F1-4 buttons which correspond to the tabs on the display. A large jog wheel to the right of the mixer, along with four NESW (North, East, South, West) cursors aid in navigation, whilst a dedicated (red) pan controller aids quick L/R channel output settings. An EQ section consists of buttons to select high, high-mid, low-mid, and low frequency ranges, and three rotary controllers for Q, frequency, and gain allow the engineer to edit the frequency range selected.

Internal processing includes channel compression, gating/ducking, 4-band parametric EQ with ‘type I’ or ‘type II’ algorithms, channel delay; all with editable settings, and all except the delay have a selection of presets that can be recalled/edited/saved from the internal library. Along with these channel processors, a set of Yamaha VCM effects and ‘high-resolution’ REV-X reverbs can be recalled and edited. These effects processors include ‘Channel Strip’ which consists of five models employing VCM (virtual circuitry modelling) technology to recreate the characteristics of classic compressors from the ‘70s; ‘Master Strip’ which applies virtual analogue circuitry and characteristics of tape from open-reel tape recorders such as the Studer A80 mkI, A80 mkIV, Ampex ATR100, with tape types such as BASF and Ampex, and open-deck models including Swiss ’70, Swiss ’78, Swiss ’85, and American 70. ‘Vintage Stomp’ allows the user to add phasing technology made popular in the 1970s with stomp-boxes, whilst ‘Reverb’ allows the user to employ algorithms such as those from the SPX2000.

I/O characteristics
Analogue Input Pad Gain Actual load For use with Input level Input level Input level
impedance nominal sensitivity nominal (max. before clip)
Channels 1-12 0 -60dB 3kohms 50-600ohm Mics/600ohm Lines -70dBu -60dBu -40dBu
0 -16dB 3kohms 50-600ohm Mics/600ohm Lines -26dBu -16dBu +4dBu
20 -16dB 3kohms 50-600ohm Mics/600ohm Lines -6dBu +4dBu +24dBu
Channels 13-16 - -26dB 10kohms 600ohm Lines -36dBu -26dBu -6dBu
- +4dB 10kohms 600ohm Lines -6dBu +4dBu +24dBu
Channel Insert - - 10kohms 600ohm Lines - -2dBu +18dBu
2-Track In - - 10kohms 600ohm Lines -10dBV -10dBV +10dBV

Analogue Outputs Actual source For use with Output level Output level
impedance nominal nominal (max. before clip)
Stereo Outputs 75ohms 600ohm Lines +4dBu +24dBu
Omni Outputs 150ohms 10kohm Lines +4dBu +24dBu
Monitor Outputs 150ohms 10kohm Lines +4dBu +24dBu
Channel Insert Output 600ohms 10kohm Lines -2dBu +18dBu
2-Track Out 600ohms 10kohm Lines -10dBV +10dBV
Headphones 100ohms 8ohm Lines 4mW 25mW
100ohms 40ohm Lines 12mW 75mW

Digital I/O Format Data length Level Connector
2-Track In/Out Digital IEC-60958 24bit 0.5Vpp/75ohms RCA pin jack
ADAT In/Out ADAT 24bit - Optical

Internal processing: 32bit, accumulator: 58bit. Sampling frequency rate: 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz, internal; 44.1/88.2kHz (-10%) – 48/96kHz (+6%), external. Dynamic range: 110dB typical, DA Converter, Stereo out; 105dB typical, AD+DA, to Stereo out at fs=48kHz; 105dB typical, AD+DA, to Stereo out at fs=96kHz. Dimensions (WxHxD): 436 x 148 x 548mm. Net weight: 14kg.

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YAMAHA 01V96i MIXER Digital, 36-channel, 16+1 faders, 10 mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line inputs Stock code: 95-8931
No longer manufactured. See the product page for suggested alternatives.
YAMAHA RK1 RACKMOUNT KIT For 01V96i/QL1 Stock code: 76-4838
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