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An extremely small overall diameter, ultra-thin strand twisted twin conductor cable, with Kevlar reinforcement within each conductor for greatly increased resistance to breakage. It is intended specifically for applications such as lapel microphones, where cable size and flexibility is a primary consideration, and internal equipment wiring where space is at a premium.
Application note: Because the copper wires are interwoven with the Kevlar fibres to give the cable its strength, a higher soldering temperature is required than for plain copper. The bit temperature should be around 370°C. Care must be taken not to melt the insulation.

This cable is similar to that used by Sony on the ECM77 microphone

Technical Specification:

Conductors: 14/0.06mm (0.04mm²) plain copper wire, wound around Kevlarfibres
Insulation: Soft PVC, OD 0.6mm, white, red
Lay-up: 2 cores twisted, 15mm lay length
Screen: 50/0.05mm plain copper wire, helically screened
Jacket: Soft semi-matt PVC, OD 2.0mm ±0.1mm, black
Conductor resistance: 46 ohms/100m
Capacitance: 100pF/m, between conductors
Weight: 0.5kg/100m approx
Reel length: 2000 metres
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre