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A range of lockable multi-contact connectors, suitable for HD-SDI video, audio and control signals, accommodating up to 16 coaxial and 26 audio/control contacts (Problox) or 14 coaxial, 18 audio/control and 2 Cat5E data (Problox-D). The design is based on the well-known EDAC 516 series, widely used in the audio industry. It is NOT intermateable with the EDAC range, but uses the same panel cutouts as the EDAC 90 way (Problox) or 120-way (Problox-D) connectors. Coaxial contacts are available, suitable for Belden 1855A HD/SDI/analogue video cable. Audio and control contacts are the standard EDAC design. Only the number of contacts and pins required for the circuits to be carried need be used, unused apertures in the contact block can be left empty. Connectors are supplied in component form, and all parts should be ordered separately as required.

'Male' connector inserts (equivalent to EDAC 'MC') have an actuating screw and are normally fitted to cables, 'female' connector inserts (equivalent to EDAC 'FP') have a locking nut and are normally panel mounted. Note that the housings are similar, so actuating screw types can be panel mounted, and locking nut types can be cable mounted, though this usage is less common.

Female coaxial contacts are used in the male connector inserts, male coaxial contacts in the female connector inserts. These are of a 3-piece design, and require a crimp tool/positioner and depth setting gauge for the centre contact and a separate hex crimp tool and die for the ferrules (Paladin 1302 or 8000 are recommended). Once terminated to the cable, the coaxial contacts are manually inserted into the connector insert. For removal of these contacts, a special extraction tool is required.

Audio/control contacts are identical for both plug and socket types, and are available in solder or crimp termination types. Note that with 1/0.5mm wire, the conductor should be doubled back on itself before crimping. For removal of these contacts, a special extraction tool is required. An insertion tool is available to assist insertion (optional).

Problox-D male inserts incorporate an RJ45 back-to-back coupler. Data cables are terminated with an RJ45 in the normal way (but without strain relief boots) and inserted into this coupler in the male insert, and directly into the body of the female insert. The design is such that the RJ45 latches are disabled.

The covers are metal, and feature a removable side panel for ease of fitting and better access to the termination area, and a cable clamp that can be positioned for both top or side entry. Screws are supplied with each cover for fixing it to the connector. Dust caps with lanyards are available as an optional extra.

Spare cover screws are available, EDAC size B fits the BTX Problox cover, size C the Problox-D cover. Special small head bolts for panel mounting connectors are available, EDAC size B suits the Problox connector, size C the Problox-D cover. Supplied with nuts and shakeproof washers, packs of 10 sets.

Suitable multi-coaxial cables for use with this connector are the Belden 778xA series, or for installed applications only, the Belden 'bananapeel unjacketed' 1855S series. Single coaxial cable suitable for this range of connectors would be Belden 1855A.