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11 December 2023
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CANFORD SQ4.7 CABLE 1 quad, Grey

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  • SQ4.7
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  • GreyGrey
CANFORD SQ4.7 CABLE 1 quad, Grey
CANFORD SQ4.7 CABLE 1 quad, GreyCANFORD SQ4.7 CABLE 1 quad, Grey


Designed for the transmission of sound through noisy areas the balanced quad cable is used as a twisted pair with capacitance unbalance characteristics designed to cancel out the worst kind of interference – external noise. To achieve this four insulated conductors are twisted together with a very short lay length, the insulation thickness on each conductor being closely controlled to match capacitance as closely as possible. Screen is helically wound overall. The product is a flexible high quality cable for use in electrically hostile environments. Core and screen construction conforms to the relevant part of BBC PSF4/1M specification in all cables, as detailed in the Technical Specification below.


This cable is offered with a variety of jacket colours and diameters. The jacket material is a semi-matt extra-flexible soft PVC, and overall diameter is 4.7mm or 6.5mm. Apart from the jacket material, SQ4.7 conforms to BBC PS4/1M specification.


This has a standard grade PVC jacket and conforms exactly to BBC PSF4/1M specification.

Technical Specification:
BBC Specification: SQB conforms to PSF4/1M
SQ cores and screen conform to PSF4/1M
Conductors: 14/0.122mm (0.158mm²) tinned copper wire
Insulation: PVC, O.D. 1.10mm, red, green, blue, white
Lay up: Four wires twisted together with lay length 13.0mm
Screen: 48/0.15mm tinned copper wire, helically wound
Overall jacket: SQ4.7: 4.7mm OD soft PVC, semi-matt grey
SQ6.5: 6.5mm OD soft PVC, semi-matt; black, grey
SQB: 4.7mm OD PVC, black
Capacitance unbalance: 80pF/m
Weight: 4.7mm OD – 2.8kg/100m
6.5mm OD – 5.6kg/100m
Reel lengths: 1000m
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre
USAGE NOTE: Red + Blue for A leg
Green + White for B leg
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CANFORD SQ4.7 CABLE 1 quad, Grey Grey Stock code: 30-418
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CANFORD SQ6.5 CABLE 1 quad, Black Black Stock code: 30-430
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100+ £1.98
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1,000+ £1.85
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CANFORD SQ6.5 CABLE 1 quad, Grey Grey Stock code: 30-438
Discontinued. See the product page for suggested alternatives.
2 cable oddments available
CANFORD SQB CABLE 1 quad, Black (BBC PSF4/1C) Black Stock code: 30-460
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100+ £1.60
500+ £1.56
1,000+ £1.50
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