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Stock code
Model number
  • C604


C600 and C610 Series

These rack-mounting panels are engineered specifically to provide a versatile, safe, solution to the problem of powering the diverse combinations of equipment, commonly mounted in mobile racks, for temporary installations in live entertainment, location recording and outside broadcast work. The internationally approved, splash-proof, connectors, used for supply cabling, are rugged enough for mobile applications, as the ubiquitous yellow 110V versions, surviving continued brutal abuse on building sites, demonstrate.

Each panel, a substantial steel enclosure, is furnished with an IEC 60309 (formerly known as IEC309, BS4343 and CeeForm CEE 17) appliance inlet for the connection of the supply, and a directly wired “loop-out” socket outlet, intended to supply further panels mounted in other enclosures. This means that several mobile racks may be powered from a single source, given adequate current carrying capacity of the supply and connecting cables. Alternatively power may be fed off to suitable distribution strips. An unusual detail of the 16 amp versions is the recess above the appliance inlet. This allows the sprung cap of the mating cable socket to fit into the rack, avoiding interference with co-racked equipment and, more unusually, providing the latching facility necessary to avoid the disengagement of the connector by untoward events such as inadvertent tripping over leads during rigging. The 32 Amp versions, featuring angled inlets, have the latch on the inlet body and are manufactured with adjustable rack-mount ears, so that the panel may be mounted recessed into the rack to avoid collision with flight case or similar lids.

All models have a neon indicator, wired to show the presence of supply input. BS1363, 13A mains outlets are reliable MK types, and are wired directly in parallel with the supply input (C660 excepted). They are arranged to avoid power cords interfering with adjacent hardware, and support the use of “plug-top” power supplies. Models are also available with the Schuko socket. IEC 60320 type F, 6 Amp outlets are connected in groups of four, each with a neon indicator, via a front-panel fuse, to the supply.


This is a special purpose, 32 Amp model, for use with higher power equipment such as amplifier or smaller dimmer racks. Two 16 Amp IEC 60309 outlets, for the high-powered equipment and a group of three 13A outlets for processing or control devices, on the rear, are fed by three separate 16A circuit breakers, selected to avoid false tripping on power-up transients.

Application note: These panels should be fed with appropriate supply-side circuit protection, chosen to suit the capacity of the cable supplying them. It is common practice to use 2.5mm² flexible cable to make up 16 Amp, IEC 60309, cable plug to cable socket, leads, to reduce voltage drop, provide a lower impedance earth, and to ensure compatibility with fixed outlets which may have been provided with 20A cartridge fuses. Such cable is stocked, stock code 33-354.

The variety of configurations which may be encountered make it impossible to give more than general guidance, and if in any doubt whatsoever, the advice of a qualified specialist should be sought.

For ready-made cables using IEC 60309 16 Amp and 32 Amp connectors, see Heavy Duty AC Mains Power Cordsets. For compatible IEC 60309 connectors, see AC Power Connectors.

Technical Specification:
Dimensions: 19”(w) × 135 (d, max) × 88 (h)mm
Weight: 3kg
Type Inlet Front outlets Rear outlets
C601 IEC 16 Amp 4 x UK 13 Amp 1 x UK 13 Amp
C601S IEC 16 Amp 4 x Schuko 1 x Schuko
C602 IEC 16 Amp 2 x UK 13 Amp 5 x UK 13 Amp
C602S IEC 16 Amp 2 x Schuko 5 x Schuko
C603 IEC 16 Amp None 5 x UK 13 Amp
C603S IEC 16 Amp None 5 x Schuko
C604 IEC 16 Amp 4 x UK 13 Amp 5 x UK 13 Amp
C604S IEC 16 Amp 4 x Schuko 5 x Schuko
C611 IEC 16 Amp None 16 x IEC type F 6 Amp
C612 IEC 16 Amp 2 x UK 13 Amp 16 x IEC type F 6 Amp plus 2 x UK 13 Amp
C612S IEC 16 Amp 2 x Schuko 16 x IEC type F 6 Amp plus 2 x Schuko
C660 IEC 32 Amp 1 x IEC 32 Amp 2 x IEC 16 Amp
3 x UK 13 Amp