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20 April 2024
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IDX P-V284 ENDURA BATTERY PLATE V-Mount, Digi-View, 2x 2-pin D-Tap 8.4V DC outputs

Stock code
Model number
  • P-V284
IDX P-V284 ENDURA BATTERY PLATE V-Mount, Digi-View, 2x 2-pin D-Tap 8.4V DC outputs
IDX P-V284 ENDURA BATTERY PLATE V-Mount, Digi-View, 2x 2-pin D-Tap 8.4V DC outputs


This system is designed to offer a smooth and stable shooting base for professional camcorders and DSLR cameras, allowing 14.4V V-Mount batteries to supply the power and provide considerably longer run-times. The system is versatile and can be configured to suit a variety of camera models with individual power requirements.

A-CA74E Shoulder Adaptor Base

This is designed for universal attachment of hand held-camcorders and DSLR cameras. It provides a cushioned shoulder pad and adjustable rear plate to attach a P-V plate, which allows a V-Mount battery to be connected and provide power for the camera. Using the battery to power a wide range of camera models can be achieved by choosing from optional DC cables and P-V plate accessories.

The position of the camera can be fixed at various points on the base for best weight distribution, while both the angle and vertical position of the battery plate are adjustable to help balance the unit on the shoulder to the user's comfort and preference. The A-CA74E to be folded flat when not in use for ease of storage and transportation.

Dimensions: 355 x 105(H) x 140(w x h x d)mm when folded. Weight: 1.5kg approximately.

Optional accessories: Hand grip supporter and battery plates, DC cables, see below, V-mount batteries, see IDX Endura V-Mount Compatible batteries. When the A-CA74E is used without the hand grip supporter, the tripod adaptor M-TR74 can still be used.

A-HG74 Hand Grip Supporter

This provides three cushioned hand grips for the A-CA74E adaptor base and camcorder. There are two hand grips at the front while the third handle at the rear provides support to the chest area to add extra stability. The angle of each hand grip can be fully adjusted and locked in position as required. Using the A-HG74 with the A-CA74E offers smoother and more precise operation of the system, minimising vibrations and unwanted camera movement. It can also significantly reduce the weight strain placed on the operator's arm and wrist area which can occur when using just the camcorder palm strap.
The hand grip supporter also has an integrated tripod adaptor base for attaching the complete system to a tripod plate. When the A-CA74E is used without the hand grip supporter, the tripod adaptor (model M-TR74) can still be utilised.

Dimensions: 320(W) x 45(H) x 250(w x h x d)mm when folded. Weight: 950g approximately.

Included accessories: Tripod adaptor, M-TR74.

P-V257, P-V212, P-V284 Endura V-Mount Plates - For 14.4V LiIon Battery

These fit to the rear of the A-CA74E Shoulder Adaptor Base and regulate the 14.4V input from an ENDURA V-Mount Li-ion battery to an output suitable for the camera, available from a 2-pin D-Tap socket. A second D-Tap connector, with an unregulated output, at battery voltage, is located on the opposite side which can be used to power camera accessories.

Dimensions: 82.5 x 142 x 12(w x h x d)mm. Weight: 180g approximately.

Plate Regulated output
P-V257 5V/7.3V DC (power select switch)
P-V212 12V DC
P-V284 8.4V DC

DC Cables - For Camcorder and Camera

These connect from the regulated 2-pin D-Tap connector of the P-V257, P-V212 or P-V284 plate and connect to the camera battery-channel or power input terminal. The cables are available for a variety of professional camcorders and DSLR cameras.

C-CANC: Canon XF-300, XF-305, XL-H1, XH-G1, XH-A1.
C-PANCP2: Panasonic AG-HMC150, AG-HMC70, AG-HMC45.
C-PANAVC: Panasonic HPX-170, HVX-200, DVX-100.
C-EOSC: Canon EOS 5D Mark II / 7D

Compatibility Chart

Brand Model Battery(1) Run-time(2) Battery plate Cable
CANON EOS 5D / 7D E-7S n/a P-V257 C-EOSC
CANON XF-300/305 E-7S 7.5 hours P-V257 C-CANC
JVC GY-HM100 E-7S 9.4 hours P-V257 C-JVCC
PANASONIC AG-HPX170 E-10S 6.7 hours P-V257 C-PANCP2
PANASONIC AG-HVX200 E-10S 6.6 hours P-V257 C-PANCP2
SONY DSR-PD170/150 E-7S 14 hours P-V284 C-SONC
SONY HVR-HD 1000 E-7S 14 hours P-V284 C-SONC
SONY HVR-V1 E-7S 10 hours P-V284 C-SONC
SONY HVR-Z1/FX1 E-7S 8.5 hours P-V284 C-SONC
SONY HVR-Z5U E-7S 9.7 hours P-V284 C-SONC
SONY HVR-Z7U E-7S 9.7 hours P-V284 C-SONC
SONY HXR-MC2000E E-7S 20 hours P-V284 C-SONC
SONY HXR-MC50E E-7S 20 hours P-V284 C-SONC
SONY HXR-NX5 E-7S 8.8 hours P-V284 C-SONC
SONY PMW-EX1 E-10S 7.1 hours P-V212 C-PIN
SONY PMW-EX3 E-10S 6.8 hours P-V212 C-PIN

Note 1: These are the suggested IDX batteries to be used with the cameras. Endura-7S and Endura-10S (E-7S, E-10S) batteries are cost-effective versions, without Powerlink, Digi-View or BMS support. Alternative batteries such as the E-10 may be used if longer run-time or the Digi-view feature are required.
Note 2: Calculated from the rated power taken by the camera, not including other accessories.