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30 May 2024
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TC ELECTRONIC TC ICON MKII REMOTE Touch screen, six motorised faders, includes TC CPU mkII

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TC Electronic
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  • Icon mkII
TC ELECTRONIC TC ICON MKII REMOTE Touch screen, six motorised faders, includes TC CPU mkII
TC ELECTRONIC TC ICON MKII REMOTE Touch screen, six motorised faders, includes TC CPU mkIITC ELECTRONIC TC ICON MKII REMOTE Touch screen, six motorised faders, includes TC CPU mkIITC ELECTRONIC TC ICON MKII REMOTE Touch screen, six motorised faders, includes TC CPU mkIITC ELECTRONIC TC ICON MKII REMOTE Touch screen, six motorised faders, includes TC CPU mkII


System 6000 mkII systems from TC Electronic have been designed to offer 'best in class' dynamic processing and effects. Each with their individual collection of algorithms and operation with either TC Icon mkII remote-control or compatible computer running TC Icon software, the System 6000 mkII options are tailored for professionals in broadcast, mastering, film or music production.

Four engines within the System 6000 allow the user to run up to 4 algorithm presets simultaneously - less than 4 if running at 96kHz. Each engine is capable of utilising up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs as standard, to a maximum of 16 inputs and 16 outputs running simultaneously on the mainframe when optional I/O cards are installed. A single AES/EBU Expansion Card (87-0031) with 25-pin D-Sub connector can be inserted into slot B of the mainframe to give an additional 8 inputs and outputs, making a total of 16 inputs and outputs, or up to three ADA24/96 Expansion Cards (87-0032) can be added - each with two analogue inputs and outputs to give a total of 6 inputs and outputs in addition to the 8 as standard.

Other connectivity on the rear panel of the mainframe includes IEC AC maina inlet connection, MIDI in/out/through, 6.35mm jack SMPTE connection, RJ45 Ethernet port, and a 6.35mm jack for a general purpose input which can be used for external foot pedal or single fader.

A PCMCIA 2.0 card slot is situated on the front panel to enable the transfer of presets and user-stored algorithms from mainframe to mainframe.

A breakout cable, 25-pin D-Sub to 8x XLR (4x 3-pin male XLR and 4x 3-pin female XLR), is provided as standard to give the user eight channels of input and output.

Algorithms in addition to the pre-installed algorithms listed below can be added to with optional licences, see:'TC Electronic Processors - System 6000 Licences' so that the user can have a bespoke system specifically designed to meet their requirements.

Broadcast Mastering Film Music
6000 6000 6000 6000
Brickwall Limiter 2 Y Y Y
Chorus Y Y
Core-2 Y Y
Delay 1 Y Y
Delay 2 Y Y
EQ 5.1 Y Y
Matrix 88 Y Y Y
MD5.1 Y Y
MDW HiRes Eq Y Y
MDX 5.1 Y Y
NonLin2 Y Y
Phaser Y Y
Reflector6 Y Y
ReflectorLCR Y Y
Reverb-2 Y Y
Reverb-3 Y Y
Reverb-8 Y
SpacePan Y Y
Toolbox 5.1 Y Y Y Y
UnWrap HD Y Y Y
VariPitch8 Y Y Y
VSS 5.1 Source Y Y
VSS 6.1 Y Y
VSS Surround Y Y

Digital inputs and outputs: 1x 25pin D-Sub connector, 8 channel I/O; BNC (75ohm), wordclock input. Internal sample rate: 96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz, 44.1kHz.

Power source: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 45W. Dimensions: 483 x 305 x 89 (w x d x h) mm. Weight: 8.6kg

Ordering note

The Broadcast 6000 MKII, Mastering 6000 MKII, Film 6000 MKII and Music 6000 MKII are available to purchase as mainframe hardware options or as packages with TC ICON MKII remote and TC CPU MKII remote.

TC Icon MKII Remote

This is a an aluminium desktop hardware tool, with a 6.5inch colour touch screen and 90mm motorised faders with touch sensitivity, designed to work hand in conjunction with many of TC Electronic hardware products including System 6000, Reverb 4000, Clarity X, Loudness Pilot, DB4mkII, and DB8mkII. With the TC Icon remote, the user can make navigation of the connected product more accessible and at the touch of a finger. Connection can be made to multiple TC Electronic mainframes via the TC CPU MKII remote which is included with the TC ICON MKII when ordered as 87-0029. TC ICON MKII can be ordered without the TC CPU MKII as 87-0034, however it requires the TC CPU MKII to operate. The 7.4m CABLE 914016 (87-0035) to link the ICON MKII and CPU MKII can be ordered as a spare part. Note, this cable cannot be made longer than 7.4m without connection failure.

A metal plate is included so that once mounted, it gives the unit more stable operation. Alternatively, there are two thread-mount adapters, 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch so that the remote can be mounted onto a microphone stand or similar. A 7.5m item-specific cable is provided and it is important to note that this cannot be extended without losing power and functionality.

Dimensions: 198 x 33 x 279 (w x d x h) mm, front; 198 x 100 x 279, back. Weight: 2.51kg

Ordering note: The TC Icon MKII Remote may require updating to the latest firmware via internet connection before first use.


This hardware accessory is the interface required when using the TC ICON remote. The 1U rackmount processor houses all the connections required to link the TC Icon to other mainframe hardware and provide the required power to the TC Icon remote.

In addition to the IEC power inlet, the rear panel hosts two COM ports for connecting other TC Electronic equipment with RS232 interfaces, a PS2 connection for PC mouse and/or keyboard (note: a Y-splitter, which is not included, is required for any connection to this port), a 15-pin HD D-Sub VGA monitor connection to duplicate the TC ICON display, 2x type-A USB connections to connect to TC Electronic hardware such as Reverb 4000, a RJ45 LAN1 port to connect to one or more mainframes and an RJ45 LAN2 port for internet connection in order to update software. A 36-pin multi-pin connector is provided for use with the supplied link cable to connect to a TC Icon.

The front panel offers no control other than power switch, and a green LED that illuminates when power is on.

CPU: Embedded AMD Geode LX-800. System disc: 500MHz. System memory: 512MB compact flash card; 256MB SO DIMM DDR SDRAM. Operating system: Windows.

Power source: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 50W. Dimensions: 483 x 195 x 44 (w x d x h) mm. Weight: 2.2kg

System 6000 Integrator

This is an optional plug-in that offers DAW integration with software including Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Media Composer. This plug-in option requires an iLok USB key although the licence can be stored on your computer or iLok key.