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AKG SA 44 MICROPHONE CLAMP For D 770, D 780, D 3700, D 3800, C 5900

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  • SA 44
AKG SA 44 MICROPHONE CLAMP For D 770, D 780, D 3700, D 3800, C 5900


Canford Audio is a main dealer for AKG microphones and accessories. The items which are listed below are generally held as stock items, but all items in the AKG range are available to order. All have XLR 3-pin connectors. Dynamic microphones are all supplied complete with stand clamp.

Dynamic microphones


The D112 bass drum microphone has been developed as an optimized tool for creating modern bass drum and bass guitar sounds. A built-in windscreen enables the D112 to be used for low pitched horns such as the trombone and the tuba. Complete with SA40 stand adaptor.


Dynamic omnidirectional microphone. Compensation winding against stray magnetic fields. Insensitivity to handling noise and a sintered bronze cap reducing wind and pop noise make the D230 an excellent microphone for interview work.

Condenser microphones

Blue Line series

Building on the performance of the industry reference C451 system, the Blue Line‘s transducer and electronics set new standards for the price range with higher sensitivity, lower self-noise, and better phase and frequency response linearity. This, added to a new bayonet coupling, allows the Blue Line system components to be assembled accurately and quickly evein in the toughest field conditions.

SE300B Powering/output module

Switchable 10dB pad, 12dB/octave 75Hz bass cut filter, transformerless output stage. The SE300B operates from any phantom supply 9-52 volts. Supplied with SA40 stand adapter.


The CK91‘s flat frequency response and uniform polar pattern with good front-to-back rejection make it the ideal choice for general miking applications. Supplied with W90 windshield.


SE300B supplied complete with CK91 capsule, together with W90 windshield and SA40 stand adapter.


The CK92‘s omnidirectional pressure capsule offers an exceptionally neutral presentation of the sound regardless of the distance from the source. Supplied with W90 windshield.


Similar in design to the CK91, the hypercardioid CK93 offers almost ruler-flat frequency response and greater off axis sound rejection. Supplied with W90 windshield.


This figure-of-eight capsule features a single diaphragm membrane construction for precise reproduction of opposite phase information. Well suited for use in an MS pair, or in a studio for voice applications. Supplied with W90 windshield.


A high sensitivity shotgun capsule with low self noise and excellent reach and depth coverage, complete with W98 windshield.

Blue Line accessories

A91 Swivel joint
H40 Universal clamp for CK97
H41 Tie pin for CK97
H97/15 Hanger adapter for CK97
H98+MK90/3 Extension cable set for CK90 capsules

Micro-Mic Mk.2 Condenser Microphone Series

A new range of miniature clip-on condensers from AKG replacing the existing series which has been popular for a number of years. All the new mics have upgraded transducers, improved shock mounting, etc. Micro-Mics may be ordered in either L versions (eg. C417L which terminate in Tini-QG mini-XLR and need B29L power supply) or as PP versions which come with phantom power XLR voltage converter attached.


Suitable for all types of stringed instruments, including acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin etc. Comes with a re-usable, solvent-free adhesive compound, which can be removed without marking the surface finish. The C411 is available in two versions. The C411L has a ‘Tiny-XLR’ 3-pin connector to suit radiomic transmitters, the C411PP is the C411L supplied complete with XLR phantom power adapter.


Lapel mic for conferencing and presentations.


Phantom power supply for two Micro-Mic Mk.2 series. Uses PP3 size battery. Also includes balance and volume controls.

Discreet Acoustics Modular System:

A family derived from the highly successful C747 range, offering five back electret capsule modules and six installation modules (five goosenecks and one hanging module) for sound and speech reinforcement in a wide range of applications. The small size of the components (13mm diameter) permits a very “discreet” appearance. All installation modules feature a phantom power status LED that indicates correct connection, fixed wired versions also allow this to indicate mic on/off.


150mm gooseneck, GN15 for permanent installation with in-line XLR phantom power adapter, GN15E for temporary installation with internal XLR phantom power adapter and XLR 3 pin male connector.


300mm gooseneck, with rigid centre section for a neater appearance in use. GN30 and GN30E versions as GN15. GN30OC has unterminated cable and no phantom power supply, for permanent installation.


Hanging module with a 10 metre anti-twist cable and in-line XLR phantom power adapter.


Cardioid pattern capsule, for sound reinforcement and recording. Suitable windshield is W30.


Omnidirectional pattern capsule, for recording only. Suitable windshield is W30.


Hypercardioid pattern capsule, for sound reinforcement and recording. Suitable windshield is W30.


Hypercardioid pattern capsule, for speech reinforcement. Offers a more closely defined pickup area for higher gain before feedback, and higher sensitivity. Suitable windshield is W80.


This hypercardioid capsule is the same as the head of the C747 microphone, and offers studio quality performance. Suitable windshield is W70.

Discreet Acoustics Boundary Layer microphones


A rugged hypercardioid boundary microphone ideal for use on stage or other heavy usage areas. Supplied with phantom power adapter with XLR-type plug and foam windshield.

Studio Condenser Microphone Series

C747 vII

A pen-sized studio quality hypercardioid condenser microphone popular with broadcasters and installers for high quality lectern amplification. Excellent off-axis response allows the speaker to move without change in amplified sound. The second generation of this microphone also now boasts RF interference protection, from mobile phones, wireless microphones and a fine tuned, frequency response suits better pickup of voice. Switchable bass-cut filter for reducing footfall noise. Supplied with 12–48V phantom power adapter with XLR type connector, foam windshield, mini-gooseneck, shock-mount/adapter, mounting clamp, thread adapter and stand adapter.


Large diaphragm vocal or instrument mic, with integral capsule shockmount and windscreen. Switchable cardioid/hypercardioid pattern, flat or 10dB/octave bass roll-off, and 10dB attenuation. Phantom powered 9–52V. Supplied complete with SA41/1 stand adapter.


The C414 has been used for many years as an all purpose studio microphone for vocal and instrument recording. This latest version has a large diaphragm with five switchable polar patterns (omni, cardioid, wide cardioid, hypercardioid and figure eight) plus four intermediate settings, switchable preattenuation (0, -6, -12, -18dB) and bass roll-off (0, 40, 80 and 160Hz). The levels it will reproduce, distortion-free, are extremely high for a condenser microphone: 140dB (158dB with pad switched in). With a minimum dynamic range of 134dB the C414-XLS fulfils the requirements of digital recording technology. A built-in series of LEDs show overload indication and attenuation status. Controls can also be put into a 'locked' mode to prevent unwanted changes. Complete with PF80 pop-screen, W414X windshield, H85 Shockmount, SA60 stand adapter in a sturdy carrying case.


Also using the same capsule used in the C414-XLS, this transformerless output mic is designed specifically for vocal use. Whilst having similar features and characteristics to the “impartial” sounding C414B-XLS, this has a frequency response rise starting at 3kHz to boost the “presence” range of the vocalist’s voice allowing it to cut through the instrumental backing with greater ease. Complete with PF80 pop-screen, W414X windshield, H85 Shockmount, SA60 stand adapter in a sturdy carrying case.


This has a similar “low noise” pre-amplifier as used in the C414ULS but in a slim line body. Can be used with a wide range of capsules. Frequency response 10-30000Hz (C460 was 20-20000Hz), sensitivity 40mV/Pa (C460 was 8mV/Pa), signal-to-noise -81dB (+6dB), -83dB (0dB), -77dB (-10dB), plus switchable sensitivity +6dB, 0dB, -10dB.


Cardioid capsule for use with the C480 pre-amp. Very flat frequency response.


As CK61ULS but omni-directional polar pattern.


As CK61ULS but hyper-cardioid polar pattern, for better front-to-back rejection.


A unique two part shotgun capsule, which allows the microphone to be used for a wide range of applications. The full length tube will provide a versatile shotgun mic for medium distance location work, or if half of the interference tube is removed the same microphone becomes a short shotgun for front of stage miking or ENG use.


Developed specifically to reproduce the finest details of the human voice. Also ideal for woodwind. Operates from internal battery (PP3) or phantom powering. Complete with SA43 stand adaptor and W1000 windshield.


Rugged, impact-proof boundary layer microphone for placement on the floor, or for fixing to large surfaces. 80mm diameter, 5mm thick, with a hemispherical pickup pattern, it is suited to capturing "room sound" without colouration. Complete with 3m captive cable to male XLR, phantom power adapter (incorporating a switchable bass filter of 12dB/octave at 150Hz) and fixing adhesive. C562CM is a special version for mounting directly into a reflecting surface (max thickness 19mm), so that the small diaphragm (overall diameter 20mm) can be flush with the surface – eg. ceilings, walls and desk tops. Complete with 1m captive cable to male XLR, phantom power adapter (which has an interconnecting, locking mini-jack to allow installation holes to be smaller than the adapter).

All dynamic (D) microphones are supplied complete with stand adapter, capacitor (C) microphones supplied without. Full brochure available on request.