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93-387 INOVONICS 222 AM Final processor and filter This item is discontinued. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.


INOVONICS 222 AM Final processor and filter 

Inovonics 222

INOVONICS 222 AM Final processor and filter


Whilst not perhaps as widely known in the broadcast industry as some other brands, Inovonics have quietly developed their product range to the point where they have had a strong enthusiastic client base for some years. In addition to penetration of the USA, (the home market), Inovonics products have become the processors of choice, regardless of cost implications, in the UK and parts of continental Europe.

Full technical details are available from Technical Support; we publish here an overview.

Inovonics 255 Tri-band FM Processor

A surprisingly aggressive triband-PWM FM stereo processor for contemporary music formats, model 255 is a multifunction processor combining a slow, gain-riding gated AGC with a 3-band compressor/limiter. Gain control uses pulse-width modulation (PWM) in a feed-forward, soft-knee circuit configuration. During its development, particular attention was directed to compatibility of the 255 with the wide range and dynamics of modern music from digital sources.

Inovonics 222 AM Broadcast Processor

Designed as a cost effective ‘stand alone’ audio processor for use at transmission sites, the Inovonics 222 is used by literally thousands of AM broadcasters in the United States and world-wide. Because of its inherently flexible design, the Inovonics 222 can also be used in conjunction with additional studio based processing.

The design incorporates a sophisticated Peak Limiter and employs feed-forward pulse width modulation circuitry for colourless quasi-digital control of the programme signal. The design also includes an “adaptive pre-emphasis” characteristic to enhance signal intelligibility and “presence” to ensure compliance with channel occupancy regulations; active multi-pole low-pass filtering and a proprietary filter over-shoot compensator are included. The pass-band of the filtering can be specified to meet local requirements.

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