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79-212 FOSTEX TIMECODE CARD For FR2 portable recorder No longer manufactured. Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer an alternative.


FOSTEX TIMECODE CARD For FR2 portable recorder 

FOSTEX TIMECODE CARD For FR2 portable recorder


Designed specifically for high quality location sound recording the FR2 records to either Compact Flash (CF) or PCMCIA hard drive in broadcast WAV (.BWF) format at up to 24 bit/192kHz. It has a built in USB port for PC or MAC connection, and optional timecode reader/generator card. The use of removable media means that at the end of a recording session, the precious recording can be removed. Also useful for freelancers with multiple clients, and pool equipment with multiple users.

Mic/line inputs are balanced XLRs, with 48V phantom power. Unbalanced line outputs use RCA (phono); digital input and output is through XLR, SPDIF or AES/EBU. With 10 second "pre record" buffer and automatic scene and take file naming and incrementing, and USB port for more detailed USB keyboard (optional) titling. Transport and set up controls are clear and easy to use, with a 132x64 dot, backlit LCD screen for high visibility. Recordings can be made to type II CF cards, or 1.8 inch type II PCMCIA drives, (up to fs=96kHz), which gives over four hrs of 24 bit 48kHz stereo (7hrs 16 bit), using a 5Gb drive. The recorder is powered by eight AA NiMH cells which are widely available, and give approximately 2.5 hrs with 2300mAH cells when recording to CF card. Using the BWF format, recordings can be directly imported into other equipment, either by reading the media directly, or via the USB download port.

The FR2 can be retro fitted with a fully functioned time code card and can be fully configured as a reader or generator from the FR2 front panel. An AC adapter is also available for mains operation.

Brochure available on request. Please contact Technical Support for advice on compatible media.

Recording Times (all in minutes):

Format:MonoStereo MonoStereo
16 bit/44.1 kHz:18794943472
16 bit/48 kHz:17286867434
24 bit/44.1kHz:12462628314
24 bit/48 kHz:11457577289
24 bit/88.2 kHz:6131313157
24 bit/96 kHz:5628288144
24 bit/176.4 kHz:3015156*143*
24 bit/192 kHz:2714143*72*

* not supported at time of going to press. Check with Technical Support for latest details.