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Compatible with RDL Format-A twisted-pair products, these models are RDL Format-A receivers that interface with a DANTE-enabled network. The Format-A RJ45 input has three audio channels which are converted to Dante networked digital audio channels. A fourth, balanced or unbalanced, line-level, auxiliary input is also converted to DANTE. They are offered with or without a POE (power over Ethernet) facility.

The RDL Rack-Up series are 1/3 rack-width, rack-mounting modules, 1U high, offered with a wide range of functionality. Some Rack-Up modules are constructed in solid, encapsulated, durable, industrial, black plastic enclosures; Max Rack-Ups are assembled using heavy-duty, extruded-aluminum and steel panels. The rear panels have 'clear bold white lettering' for the terminal blocks and connectors. Reverse-printed, front-panel, polycarbonate laminates provide a durable finished appearance for rack-mounted or free-standing use. Certain Rack-Up modules are often used free-standing; all Rack-Ups may be rack mounted by means of a range of mounting options.

DANTE is a software and hardware solution, offering high-performance audio distribution over standard IP networks, supporting hundreds of simultaneous channels of uncompressed audio with low latency and accurate synchronization. For further information, see DANTE Networking Basics.

The Radio Design Labs Format-A system uses standard IT networking cables to send, receive and distribute audio signals. As a result, systems may be installed in existing buildings using the existing 'flood' wiring, thus avoiding the cost, damage and consequent making-good of installing fresh cable. For further information, see RDL Format-A System.

The front-panel has a 'signal' LED corresponding to each of the three Format-A input channels. Received audio level is indicated on these variable-intensity LED indicators, facilitating setup when a networked computer is not connected at the location of the module. A dual-LED VU meter helps with adjustment of the AUX input gain control, again on the front-panel. This auxiliary input 'supports the complete range of normal unbalanced and balanced line-level sources.'

On the rear, the Format-A input connector provides up to 200mA of power to connected Format-A senders. Multiple senders may be loop-connected; they may be connected near the receiver or 'up to several thousand feet distant'. The power feeding the Format-A RJ45 connector is separately protected by an automatically resetting fuse. A power LED is associated with the connector, facilitating identification of wiring faults. A further RJ45 connector provides an Ethernet connection; the auxiliary input is a detachable terminal block. Power is connected using another detachable block and a coaxial inlet.

Network connector: RJ45 with Link and Speed indicators
Transmission rate: 100 Mbps
Sample rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (default)
Bit depth: 24 bits
Audio operating levels: -18dBFS = +4dBu
Format-A input connector: RDL Format-A RJ45, pairs A, B, C.
Format-A inputs: +4dBu, nominal
Balance: Better than 90dB CMRR, 50Hz to 120Hz.
Aux input connector: Detachable terminal block
Aux inputs: -16dBu to +12dBu for +4dBu; +22dBu maximum, balanced, 20kohms
Balance: Better than 60dB CMRR, 50Hz to 120Hz.
Indicators: Ethernet, link and speed, network sys and sync LEDs; 5x audio signal, 1x power in, 1x power out LEDs
Power input: Coaxial power socket, detachable terminal block
Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees C
Power source: 24V DC, 150mA (plus any connected loads) or POE where fitted
POE: Class 0, IEEE 802.3af, where fitted
Dimensions: 150 x 43 x 132mm (w x h x d)mm

Optional accessories: See RDL Rack-Up Mounting Accessories for a variety of mounting panels, trays, brackets and adapters. 57-402, an 'RDL PS-24AX POWER SUPPLY Universal, 24 volt, 500mA, UK plug' is a suitable power supply.

These two models differ principally in terms of the powering arrangements:


The RU-FN is powered from an external 24V DC power supply, available separately. The external supply powers the RU-FN and Format-A senders connected to the Format-A input.


The RU-FNP is equipped for POE, which powers the RU-FNP and the connected Format-A senders. If POE power and an external 24V DC supply are both feeding an RU-FNP, the unit will run from the external supply and will seamlessly switch over to POE power upon loss of the external supply. POE relies on the use of a POE enabled network switch. The RU-FNP will reserve power from the switch even while being powered from an external 24V DC supply.

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RDL RU-FN DANTE INTERFACE Input, 1x Format-A RJ45 in, aux term block in   Stock code:
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RDL RU-FNP DANTE INTERFACE Input, 1x Format-A RJ45 in, aux term block in, POE   Stock code:
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