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This range of products allows convenient front panel mounting, up to three wide in a standard 19″ rack. All modules measure 43mm high, 150mm wide, and 51mm deep. All rear panel connections are by barrier strip screw terminals, and total depth including connection strip is 64mm. Each product may be used as a stand alone device or combined with other “Rack-Up” and “Stick-On” products as an integrated system. All “Rack-Up” products can operate from a single rail 22-36V DC supply with negative supply connected to ground. A variety of mounting hardware options are offered for total installation flexibility.

RU-VDA4 Video Distribution Amplifier

The RU-VDA4 contains a 4 way distribution amplifier, each output capable of 1V peak to peak video signal into a terminated load. An indicator is provided to show the presence of such a signal. The input is a bridging type, with associated loop through output. Input gain is adjustable by means of a preset front panel control. All video connections are made using front panel BNC jacks, whilst the rear panel has barrier strip terminals for the neccessary power input: 24V DC, 60mA nominal, (36V DC max). For suitable power supplies see separate entry. This unit is part of a range of modules, mostly concerned with audio, which may be mounted up to 3 modules wide in a standard 19″ rack. For mounting hardware see main Radio Design Labs “Rack-up” circuit modules entry (see index).

Technical Specification:

Input: 1000 ohm (to bridge 75 ohm line)
Gain: –1dB to +7dB
Load impedance: 75 ohms
Frequency response: 10Hz–10MHz ±0.2dB
Noise: <70dB below 1V p-p
Output isolation: >40dB
Differential gain: 0.1%
Differential phase: 0.1°
Video connections: BNC, unbalanced, ground referenced
Dimensions: 150×43×51mm (less connectors)

RU-VA2 Dual Video Attenuator

This passive unit features two separate, passive isolated channels. A single input connector is provided for each attentuator. The output connector is intended to be connected to a 75 ohm terminated load. A front-panel knob is provided to adjust video levels down to the normal 1-volt p-p signal level. A single attenuator is capable of adjusting down the video level to half the incoming signal level. In situations where excessive video levels may cause input overload effects, the RU-VA2 is easily inserted into the circuit and adjusted for proper video levels.

RU-VSX4 4-Input Video Switcher

Switches 4 signals to a single output. BNC connectors for inputs and loop-through for outputs of the source signals, or 75 ohms termination. Output is 75 ohm back-terminated to provide unity gain into a 75 ohm terminated input. Front panel has keyboard switches for source selection with LED tally, if the button for the active source is pressed, the switcher mutes to black. Vertical interval switching. A front panel local/remote toggle switch activates either the front panel buttons or a rear-panel connected remote control. Remote output controls are provided to control other equipment (eg. RU-SX4A Audio Switcher).

Technical Specification:

Input impedance: 5k ohm bridging 75 ohm line
Gain: Unity (75 ohm terminated input and output)
Operating signal level: 0.5 - 1.0V p-p
Crosstalk: <55dB
Off attenuation: >65dB
External control inputs: Closure to ground, 1mA
External control outputs: 4 @ 50mA open collector to ground
Power: 24-33VDC 110mA

RU-VSQ4 4-Input Sequencing Video Switcher

Similar to the RU-SX4, this also features automatic sequence switching. On power-up, the unit sequences at the rate selected on the front panel interval rate control. If the button for an active source is pressed, the sequencing is stopped and that source is selected. If the button for an inactive source is pressed, the output switches direct to that source. Pressing the button a second time resumes the sequencing. Technical details as RU-VSX4.

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