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ROLAND AR-3000R RECORDER Announcement, Compact Flash, with programming interface
ROLAND AR-3000R RECORDER Announcement, Compact Flash, with programming interfaceROLAND AR-3000R RECORDER Announcement, Compact Flash, with programming interfaceROLAND AR-200S RECORDER Announcement, Compact FlashROLAND AR-200S RECORDER Announcement, Compact FlashROLAND AR-NT1R NETWORK BOARD For AR-3000R recorderROLAND ARC-15 CABLE Sync, for AR-3000R and AR-200R recorders

Specifically designed to replay audio tracks in such environments as airports, railway stations, alarm installations, museums, theme parks or even radio broadcasting, the AR series of products record and play back audio or MIDI to and from Compact Flash cards, combining the reliability of solid-state storage with flexible control options. Two models provide a variety of control configurations suitable for a wide range of applications including TCP/IP over internet with FTP file transfer, RS232, MIDI, 0V contact closure and logic control. AR series drivers are also included in the Stardraw design software.

Software control may be used to build announcements from selected phrases such as [The train now standing at] [Platform] [4] [is the] [3:30] [to] [Newcastle]. Fire, entry, evacuation and warning alarm systems benefit from the fast start capability of less than one second from off to playback, while themed environments can make use of cross-fade looping and other advanced features for environmental sound effects. Models are available which operate on 12V DC, for installations in vehicles and outdoors. Background music, perhaps from a satellite delivery service, can be reduced in level when an announcement is played, useful in restaurants and retail establishments when used for messages and special announcements. Recording messages is simple, either on-site or remotely. The supplied software makes it easy to load new messages.

The AR series records 'phrases' digitally, with up to 48kHz sampling, 24-bit linear recording and playback. The increased capabilities of the AR-series version 2.00 models include the ability to record and play .WAV files natively. The Roland RDAC technology is available to extend recording times. The maximum recording time, in mono, for a 1GB CF card is approximately 118 minutes using the 'S-High' (48kHz sampling) and 'H-Linear' (24-bit PCM) RDAC grade and mode, 193 minutes using the 'High' (44.1kHz sampling) and 'Linear' (16-bit PCM) settings, rising to approximately 71 hours, using the 'Announce' (8kHz sampling) grade and RDAC 'Mode 1'.

Phrase capacity
CF cards (1) Phrase type Maximum phrases
AR-3000R 2 Mono, stereo, SMF 2000 (2)
AR-200S 1 Mono, stereo 1000 (3)

Note 1: Up to 2GB each. 2: Using 2x CF card. 3: If recorded on an AR-3000R, otherwise 250.

In addition to audio, the AR-3000R can record and play back MIDI phrases. MIDI data playback can be used to control other MIDI devices for lighting or show control applications. MIDI can also be used for complete playback control of the units from a touch-panel or show-controller. SMF (Standard MIDI File) music data can also be played or recorded.

The AR-200S can play back phrases that have been edited using the playlist and control functions managed from the front panel of the AR-3000R. In addition, the free ARE-3000 editing software also allows easy programming of internal playlists, organisation of list functions, control out protocol and other phrase control functions. The ARE-3000 software will also import or export .WAV files to and from an AR-200S card for fast program assembly and editing.


This fully featured model occupies a full-width 1U rack-mounting space, or may be used free-standing. The AR-3000R can be operated as a stereo or an independently-controlled dual-mono playback device. Using one AR-3000R as the master, up to 32 AR-3000R units can be locked together for sample-accurate playback of up to 64 tracks using the AR-Link system. Playback can also be synchronised to time-code. It can also record and replay MIDI phrases.

The front panel has a balanced 6.35mm jack socket for the microphone input, adjacent to the concentric rotary controls for microphone and line input level. Two slots for compact flash cards have access indicator and two eject buttons. The cards may be protected with tamper-proof panels. Three buttons offer play, stop and pause functions and, in conjunction with three further buttons and the 'Select' dial wheel and button, are used to set the required mode of operation as indicated on the central display. A rotary control sets the output level; this may be disabled, in which case it only controls the headphone output, a 6.35mm jack socket. A 'Power' button switches the unit in and out of standby mode.

The rear has two RCA (phono) sockets for the line inputs, two 6.35mmm balanced jack sockets for the outputs and an RCA (phono) socket for the S/P Dif digital input. A 9-pin D-sub socket offers the RS232 connection; two 5-pin DIN sockets provide MIDI in and out/through. Two mini-DIN types provide the AR-Link in and out connections. A terminal block provides the remote-control connections. Power is connected using an IEC C8P polarised 'figure of 8' inlet.

Inputs: -46dBu, 2k ohms, balanced, microphone; 0dBu, 20k / 10k ohms, stereo / mono, unbalanced, line. Noise: -90dB. Outputs: +4dBu, 500 ohms, balanced, line; 90+90mW maximum, 30 ohms minimum, headphone. Power source: 230V AC, 12W. Dimensions: 430.1 × 44.5 × 231.4 (w × h × d)mm including feet, controls and connectors; 1U rack mounting, 214mm deep. Weight: 2.7kg.

Included accessories: Rubber feet, card protector with screws, manual, AC power cable.
Optional accessories: The AR-NT1R network card provides the facility to upload files and playlists and to control the AR-3000R remotely using an ethernet network.


The AR-200S is designed to have no user interaction with the front panel when deployed, so many of the phrase functions can be programmed using an AR-3000R or the free ARE-3000 software. Instead the AR-200S provides the facility play back using RS-232C control, contact closures or playlists.

The comparatively bare front panel has a display indicating the 'phrase number', and indicators for MIDI/Clip and record mode. A single card slot has an eject button. Two miniature switch-banks on the bottom of the device are used to set mode (playback by card data / direct playback / binary playback / interval playback; output level; update mode), and recording mode (sampling rate and RDAC mode).

The rear has an 8-way terminal connector for audio inputs and outputs, with a rotary input level control. A fixed terminal strip, 'control A' provides a DC power input, and some simple remote control connections which are shared with the 25-pin D-sub 'control B' connector. A 9-pin D-sub type provides the RS-232 port. Power is connected via a co-axial DC power inlet.

Inputs: 0dBu, +20dBu maximum, 10k ohms, unbalanced line. Outputs: +4dBu/-10dBV, 600 ohms, unbalanced line. Power source: 9-24V DC, 1200mA, or 9V DC from the included AC adapter. Dimensions: 218 × 45.9 × 233.3 (w × h × d)mm including feet, controls and connectors. Weight: 1.5kg.

Included accessories: Rubber feet, card protector with screws, manual, PSB-1U AC power adapter, 8-way 'euroblock' terminal connector.

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ROLAND AR-3000R RECORDER Announcement, Compact Flash, with programming interface   Stock code: 79-2351
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ROLAND AR-200S RECORDER Announcement, Compact Flash   Stock code: 79-2353
No longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.
ROLAND AR-NT1R NETWORK BOARD For AR-3000R recorder   Stock code: 79-2354
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ROLAND ARC-15 CABLE Sync, for AR-3000R and AR-200R recorders   Stock code: 79-2355
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