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SENNHEISER MKH 418-S MICROPHONE RF Condenser, M-S stereo, shotgun
SENNHEISER MKH 418-S MICROPHONE RF Condenser, M-S stereo, shotgunSENNHEISER MKE 44-P MICROPHONE Condenser, XY stereo, 2x cardioid

Intended for professional ENG, film, location and broadcasting applications the condenser designs here include an XY stereo design, with both battery and phantom powering for convenient deployment on location and a mid-side model for maximum control of stereo width, useful when capturing dialogue, live music or ambient recordings.

All Sennheiser professional microphones are available from Canford; if the desired model is not listed at, please contact Sales.

MKE 44-P - Condenser, XY stereo

Intended for use in mobile ENG environments, this is a permantly-polarised condenser microphone with two cardioid microphone capsules set at 90 degrees for XY stereo applications. Light, robust and easy to handle, it's sprung-mounted capsule ensures good suppression of handling noise. It is powered by a single AA size battery or phantom power, has a switched, two-position low-frequency roll-off filter and transformer-less balanced outputs on a 5-pin male XLR connector. It is supplied in a foam-lined case with a foam windshield and an adapter cable. This has a 5-pin female XLR wired to two 3-pin male XLR connectors.

Frequency response: 40-20000Hz. Power: 12-48V DC phantom power or single AA cell required. Dimensions: 190 x 44 (length x maximum diameter) mm, body 24mm. Weight: 125g.

MKH 418-S RF Condenser, M-S stereo, shotgun

Intended for professional stereo work, this has two capsules, one in an interference tube to give super cardioid response and one with a figure-of eight pick-up pattern, combined together to make a M-S format stereo microphone. The M and S outputs are presented separately for external manipulation as required, either by a suitable MS to AB matrix, or using three channels, with phase switches, of a mixer: This allows control of the balance between the mono information from the M capsule and the spatial information from the side channel. The super cardioid response gives increased directivity for the 'M' signal. The compact dimensions, 'very good consonant clarity and good spatial representation' make it 'ideally suited for every type of application in film, radio, television and reporting, both indoors and outdoors'. Sturdy and 'very weather-resistant' the 418 has 'very low noise, high sensitivity' and a transformer-less balanced output. The matt-black metal casing has a male 5-pin XLR connector. It is supplied in a transport case.

Frequency response: 40-20000Hz. Power: 44-52V DC phantom power required. Dimensions: 280 x 19 (length x maximum diameter) mm. Weight: 220g.

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SENNHEISER MKE 44-P MICROPHONE Condenser, XY stereo, 2x cardioid Stock code: 92-618
No longer manufactured. See the product page for suggested alternatives.
SENNHEISER MKH 418-S MICROPHONE RF Condenser, M-S stereo, shotgun Stock code: 92-126
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