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These eight channel, audio tone generators provide line identification for multi-channel audio systems, including 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound typically used in high definition television broadcasts. By using a range of widely accepted industry standard tone sequences including the EBU R49, GLITS and BLITS tones, channel identification and associated levels can be determined easily. Correct channel configuration in fold-down mixes can also be highlighted when a broadcaster needs to mix several audio channels into a stereo feed. External synchronisation is by word-clock or optional boards to provide analogue video, digital audio or digital video inputs. The units are 1U rack-mounting.

RB-TGHDX - XLR Digital Outputs

The generator offers the choice of the following tone sequences: EBU R49 stereo line-up, GLITS stereo line-up, BLITS stereo line-up, EBU R49 channel ID, BLITS channel ID, Phase and user-defined sequences. The audio level line-up level can be adjusted to suit different environments. Changing the audio line-up does not affect the gain relationship between each channel, ensuring that correct levels through the target system can be maintained. The serial port allows the RB-TGHD to be connected to a PC running SCi, the Sonifex Serial Control Interface. This allows full control of the unit and the ability to generate a user-defined audio tone sequence. In addition, a remote port provides a simple interface to control the unit and has several outputs to indicate which tone sequence is active.

The front panel has an LED to show power. Eight LEDS marked 1 to 8 as well as L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs, Lr, Rr, show activity on the eight outputs. A further LED indicates when the unit is synchronised to an external word-clock signal or optional video sync cards. There are four push buttons, each with a set of LED indicators arranged in an arc. The first button selects how many channels are fed with signals, either 2, 4, 6 or 8. The second selects sequence mode, either automatic or manual. The third selects the tone output sequence, while the final button sets the sequence to play once or loop. A short press on the button restarts the sequence. A small panel may be unscrewed to reveal two banks of eight miniature (DIP) switches, which set the sample rate, sync mode, bit-rate and audio line-up level.

The rear panel has eight male XLR connectors providing the eight analogue outputs, which are also marked ‘L’, ‘R’, ‘C’, ‘LFE’, ‘Ls’, ‘Rs’, ‘Lr’, ‘Rr’. The AES/EBU balanced digital outputs are provided with four more male XLR connectors, marked ‘1+2’, ‘3+4’, ‘5+6’, ‘7+8’ as well as ‘L+R’, ‘C+LFE’, ‘Ls+Rs’, ‘Lr+Rr’ respectively. 9-pin and 25-pin female D-sub connectors provide the RS232 serial port and the remote control connections. A BNC connector provides a word-clock sync input, which is also used for the optional sync boards if fitted. The IEC AC power inlet has an adjacent fuse.

Analogue output: +24V maximum, 50 ohms. Distortion: Better than -85dB THD+N, 1kHz. Dynamic range: Better than 100dB. Crosstalk: Better than -110dB, 20Hz to 20kHz, for analogue outputs. Sample frequency: 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192kHz switched. Sample width: 16 or 24 bits, switched. Audio line-up level: 0dBu to +24dBu, in 1dB steps, for FSD, switched. Power source: 85-264V AC, 47-63Hz, 60W peak, 30W average. Dimensions: 480 x 158) x 43mm, 1U rack mounting. Weight: 1.3kg.

Included accessories: Manual, AC power cable.
Optional accessories: RB-RK3 Rear rack panel kit. Sync boards, see below.

RB-TGHDB - BNC Digital Outputs

This is similar to the RB-TGHDX except that rather than four balanced XLR connectors for the AES/EBU digital audio outputs, there are four BNC types for unbalanced connections. Specifications and accessories are the same

Sync Boards

These mount inside the case, with a BNC connector protruding through a pre-punched aperture. They can be used to synchronise the outputs to a 48kHz sample rate. They are available as factory options replacing the standard word-clock board.

The RB-SYA analogue sync board will accept a composite signal of NTSC (525), PAL (625) and SECAM (625) signals covered by SMPTE-170-M (NTSC) and ITU-R BT.470-6 (PAL and SECAM).
The RB-SYD digital video sync board will accept 270Mbps SD-SDI and HD-SDI signals covered by SMPTE-259-M-C (SD) and SMPTE-292M (HD).
The RB-SYE AES/EBU sync board will accept a digital audio input signal with a sample frequency between 32kHz and 192 kHz. When using it, the channel status information that is encoded in the input data signal is copied to all digital output channels.

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SONIFEX RB-TGHDX TONE GENERATOR Eight-channel HD, 8x analogue XLR and 8x AES XLR outputs Stock code: 95-7651
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SONIFEX RB-TGHDB TONE GENERATOR Eight-channel HD, 8x analogue XLR and 8x AES BNC outputs Stock code: 95-7652
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SONIFEX RB-SYW SYNC CARD Word clock, for RB-TGHDX, RB-TGHDB Stock code: 95-7654
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