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The Tascam TA-1VP vocal processor combines 'Antares Auto-Tune Evo' pitch-correction with 'TEC' microphone modelling. It is possible to adjust the pitch of vocals or solo instruments, in real-time, without distortion or artefacts, while preserving the 'expressive nuance' of the original performance. Vocal tracks can be given the characteristics of a variety of studio microphones.

Intended for live or studio applications, the Tascam TA-1VP is supplied with a library of style presets. The 35 pre-programmed styles have been designed to provide quick set-up for common track enhancements and are based around music genres and/or sound source. Selection is achieved initially on power-up, or later from the 'Preset' button, while the intuitive user interface makes it easy to create, save and recall the user's own styles. Real-time MIDI control of every variable module parameter makes the TA-1VP suitable for automated mixing environments.

Processing controls are laid out in five easy-to-use blocks on the front panel, each with dedicated buttons and meters displaying exactly what is being done to the signal. The 'Data' knob is used to navigate the ergonomic system setup menu which is displayed on the LCD screen. 'Analogue Tube Modelling' can be used to give vocals the 'warmth of a classic tube preamp' while the de-essing module removes sibilance from the signal before variable-knee compression and gating. The TA-1VP's gate, threshold and ratio controls work independently of the compressor to 'eliminate noise and breath sound'. Two independent bands of equalisation offer the choice of 6dB or 12dB high or low-cut, high or low shelving with variable-slope, bandpass, notch and fully parametric peaking.

An XLR microphone input is provided on the front panel, with optional phantom power for condenser microphones controlled within the setup menu. An LED indicator lights when phantom power is activated. Also on the front panel is a latching push-button to engage a 20dB pad into the XLR microphone input path for use with high input levels.

Balanced input and outputs, using 6.35mm, 3-pole jacks, are located on the rear panel, including a 'Double Track' output for simulating doubled vocals. An S/PDIF digital output is also provided, along with 6.35mm jack input for foot-switch controls. Power, 12V DC, is connected to a co-axial inlet.

Tascam TA-1VP Factory Preset Styles
Vocal Drum Bass Instrument Special Effect Utility
MaleVoice DrumAlert FatBass ElecGtrWarm Destructo LiveVoxFix
FemaleVoice TiteSnare FunkBassBeef TheSaxCuts Telephone GateThatKick
PopVox KickEnhance PopBass MonosynthDbl SnareGate
BalladVocal LoFoDrLoop PianoCuts TomGate
Breathless BrightAcGtr

Included accessories: Tascam PS-1225L AC adapter with captive lead to UK 13A plug, rack-mounting screw kit.

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