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As the System 6000mkII is offered with different software configurations depending on the users requirements, the user may wish to 'cherry-pick' and add additional software as and when required. These licences are the optional add-ons compatible with the System 6000mkII.

Stereo Reverb Licence

This option includes both stereo and dual-source reverb and delay algorithms including -
'VSS 4HD' - a stereo reverb for processing multi-angle reflections
'ReflectorLCR' - a delay and boundary effect
'Reverb-2' - designed specifically for percussive instruments
'Delay 1' - a 96kHz compatible stereo delay, capable of up to 2.5 seconds per channel
'NonLin2' - that gives access to envelope, attack, hold and release parameters
'Reverb-3' - a classic stereo reverb
'DVR2' - a vintage style reverb
'Phaser' - which includes TC Electronic M5000 algorithms to emulate the popular 'XII stomp box' sound
'Core-2' - for small room reverb
'VSS-3' - convincing room reverb emulations
'Chorus' - for stereo delays, flanging effects and chorus
'Delay 2' - chorus and tape delay emulator.

Multichannel Reverb Licence

This licence includes all algorithms from the Stereo Reverb licence with, in addition -
'VSS 6.1' - for 5.1 and 6.1 reverb application
'SpacePan' - an 8-input panning algorithm
'Reflector6' - a delay and boundary effect
'VSS M4' - a set of four mono reverbs for building stereo, 5.1 and 6.1 sound profiles
'VSS 5.1 Source' - a 5.1 simulation algorithm with various reflection patterns
'VSS Surround' - A room simulation algorithm that turns a diffused field into a Dolby Pro Logic left total/right total (Lt/Rt) signal.

Stereo Mastering Licence

The stereo mastering licence includes -
'MD3' - a multiband dynamics processor with expander and compression
'MD4' - multiband dynamics processing with DXP mode
'Brickwall Limiter 2' - for true-peak protection of an audio signal without loudness degradation
'Matrix 88' - a digital 8-channel mixer with intelligent limiting.

Multichannel Mastering Licence

This licence includes all algorithms from the Stereo Mastering licence in addition to -
'MD5.1' - a compressor, expander and limiter for multichannel signals
'MDX5.1' - a dynamic controller for multichannel signals
'Toolbox 5.1' - bass management, test and downmix functionality
'EQ5.1' - a set of six mono channels of 4-band parametric EQ.

Unwrap Hd Software Licence

Upconversion algorithm designed for film and mastering industries. Suitable for stereo to 5.1 channel audio processing.

Am6 Software Licence

An Leq(M) based 'radar' meter with true-peak measurement for 5.1 signals - useful for broadcast and cinema production.

Reverb 8 Software Licence

Reverb algorithms for formats in addition to stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 including Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro, and NHK 11.1 to 62.2.

Lm6 Software Licence

A loudness 'radar' meter plug-in for broadcast, music, post and film that gives quick visual access to meters including momentary loudness, loudness history and target loudness.

Live Aid Software Licence

The Live Aid System has been designed for broadcasters covering live events from either studio or outside broadcast (OB) truck. Includes two algorithms: 'ALC6' - automatic loudness correction; and 'DMix' - an algorithm that allows the downmix, peak limit, and loudness of a mono, stereo, or 5.1 source.

Engage Software Licence

This algorithm has been designed for post-production to process audio formats such as 5.0 cinema mixes, DTS or DVD-audio and manufacture a better listening experience for users with standard headphones. This outcome is desirable to end users listening to in-flight entertainment, internet audio, and gaming.

Mdw Hires Eq Software Licence

This has been designed to give the user a choice of EQs, with the included 2-channel and 6-channel configurations each having five parametric bands with a range of +/-25dB per channel. A 44.1kHz or 48kHz sample rate will be up-sampled to 88.2kHz or 96kHz respectively, processed, then down-sampled to the original sample rate.

Backdrop Software Licence

This System 6000mkII licence has been designed with audio restoration in mind. A stereo noise-reduction algorithm with basic, multi-band and multi-type processing modes. Using the display the user can capture a noise-print, then adjust, calculate and apply it.

Varipitch8 Vp-8 Software Licence

This real-time pitch-changing software with a pitch range of +/- 200 cents has been designed for full 5.1 or 7.1 audio in film and broadcast production.