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MixerFace R4 has been designed as a rechargeable, 2-input channel portable audio interface for podcasting, broadcasting, or interviewing. It allows the user to connect a ribbon, dynamic or condenser microphone to a compatible iPhone, iPad, Android device, Mac, Linux, or PC computer using a USB cable.

MixerFace R4

The two-input MixerFace has an A/D converter with 16/24-bit, 44.1kHz to 192kHz performance. Manufactured from ‘aircraft-grade’ aluminium, and with ‘scratch resistant’ finish, this low noise interface applies a ‘high gain’ Jasmine preamp with switchable +48V phantom power to the mic/line inputs on Neutrik combo XLR/jack connectors. Hi-Z can be switched on/off for applying to instruments such as electric guitars, whilst an on/off switchable high pass filter at 130Hz, with a 6dB/octave roll-off can be applied to reduce excessive or unwanted bass frequencies.

The inbuilt Li-Polymer rechargeable battery gives approximately 8 hours play or record time, varied with phantom-powered mics. Three LEDs allow identification of the remaining battery life.

The two female Neutrik combo XLR/jack connectors are on one end of the device. Microphones such as the PivotMic PM1 or other compatible microphones can either be attached directly to these inputs, or connected using a microphone cable. On the same end of the device are two balanced 3.5mm TRS jack output connections. A rotary control on the upper panel allows the user to adjust the output (monitor) level from these outputs. The other end of the device has a miniature USB socket for connection to a compatible recording device, a miniature USB socket for connection to a compatible 5A USB charging device, a power button, a switch to select 48V phantom power, and a switch that allows the user to adjust the monitor output from stereo or mono. Also present on the same panel is a 3.5mm stereo headphone socket, ‘designed to be loud’ across a variety of headphones from 16-600Ohms; a line level input for auxiliary 3/4 channels on 3.5mm jack; and a monitor line out on 3.5mm jack – convenient for connection to a DSLR camera. A 46dB pad switch adjusts the line output level from low to high with the low position for DSLRs and the high position for line level devices such as amplifiers or mixing consoles.

The longer front panel of the USB interface features two rotary controls for each channel – one to adjust microphone gain with associated signal and peak LEDs, and CH/USB mixing which allows the adjustment of the mix between microphone input and the signal coming back from the recording device. In addition, this panel houses a rotary controller for the auxiliary 3/4 input along with a rotary control for the monitor outputs. The underside of the MixerFace has a 1/4-20 screw thread for connecting to tripod fittings.

Compatible 3rd party apps: Audio Evolution (iOS/Android), Auria Pro (iOS), BandLab (iOS/Android), BeatMaker 3 (iOS), Cubasis (iOS), Field Recorder (Android), FL Studio Mobile (iOS), Garage Band (iOS), Luci Live (iOS/Android), N-Track (iOS/Android), Tieline Report-IT (iOS/Android), Twisted Wave (iOS).

Included accessories: Felt carry pouch, USB cable for charging or connection to recording device, quick start guide.

Microphone preamplifier gain: +10dB - +53dB. Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz, +/-0.5dB. EIN: -127dB. THD+N: 0.004%. Crosstalk: -95db, 1kHz. Input impedance: 1kOhm, mic; 10kOhm, line; 1MOhm, Hi-Z. Maximum input level: 2.2V rms, +9.2dBu, rel 0dB FS, Aux 3/4. Output level: 1.8 V rms, +7.1dBu, rel 0dB FS, line; 3.5V rms, +13.1dBu, rel 0dB FS, balanced output. Headphone output impedance: 1Ohm. Headphone output power: 120mW, at 32Ohm. USB resolution: 16-bit, 24-bit. USB sample rates: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.2/192kHz. Clocking: 2 custom, mil-spec clocks, 10ppm precision, 1ps jitter. Dimensions (LxWxH): 121 x 70 x 36mm. Weight: 260g.

MixerFace R4D

In addition to the feature set and specifications of the MixerFace R4, the MixerFace R4D has ability to record stereo WAV files onto MicroSD card, Class 10 or above; or to external device as the MixerFace R4. MicroSD card not included.

Weight: 275g

MixerFace R4B

This is as MixerFace R4R, however it is bundled with a pair of PivotMic PM1 microphones.

PivotMic PM1

A matched pair of unidirectional, XY stereo microphones with 10mm electret condenser capsule designed for the MixerFace R4R. The side-address, cardioid mics compliment the Jasmine preamps of the audio interface and can be either plugged directly into the microphone inputs, or positioned remotely and connected with an XLR to XLR microphone cable. The microphones can be swapped to form an outward facing array, often preferred for interviewing.

Included accessories: Felt storage pouch.

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz. Maximum SPL: 140dB. Output impedance: 600Ohm. Signal to noise: 74dB, typical. Sensitivity: -45dB at 1kHz, typical. Polarity: positive pressure on diaphragm produces voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3. Phantom power: 48V, less then 2mA per microphone. Dimensions (LxWxH): 22 x 32 x 50.5mm. Weight: 39g

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CENTRANCE MIXERFACE R4 USB MIXER INTERFACE 2x mic/line input, 48V phantom power Stock code: 95-8515
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CENTRANCE MIXERFACE R4D USB MIXER INTERFACE Internal recorder, microSD, 2x mic/line input Stock code: 95-8516
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CENTRANCE MIXERFACE R4B USB MIXER INTERFACE Internal recorder, 2x mic/line input, with PM1 XY mics Stock code: 95-8517
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CENTRANCE PIVOTMIC PM1 MICROPHONE XY stereo pair, side-address, condenser, cardioid Stock code: 95-8519
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CENTRANCE CERENE DB HEADPHONES Circumaural, closed-back Stock code: 54-599
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