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Just the job for running equipment cables through consoles and floors, these tough plastic mouldings will avoid the ingress of crisp-packets, ball-point pens and other debris to cable routes below.

Two sizes are offered, consisting of an outer flange, which push-fits into a circular aperture, and a top-assembly, which is snapped into the flange after the cable-end (with connector) has been passed through. The top assembly has a cover which rotates to uncover access-holes, which is passed over the cable before the assembly is fitted.

Type A, with access through up to three cable holes, and type B, with one large cable path, are intended for floors, but are equally applicable to walls and consoles. Type C is intended for desks and work-surfaces, and has a ratchet, which keeps the top cover located in several positions. This allows a variety of cable sizes to pass through the three access holes, promoting a clean and tidy visual appearance. Both types are available in black or grey. Suitable hole saws are stocked – see Hole Saws.

Technical Specification:

Type BType C
Overall diameter of bezel:110mm91mm
Fixing hole size:95mm79mm
Flange depth below surface:28mm16mm
Bezel thickness above surface:3mm3mm
Inside diameter of flange:89mm73mm
Max. cable diameter:12mm9mm

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