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CABLE CROSSOVER TAPE Black (reel of 30 metres)Black

CABLE CROSSOVER TAPE Black (reel of 30 metres)


Where cables have to cross carpets and floors temporarily, this tape provides a wonderful alternative to Gaffer tape. Whilst both are quick to install, this is sheer bliss to remove, and Gaffer is sheer hell! How long have you spent in the past, trying to remove knotted-up Gaffer that has wrapped itself around the cable as you de-rigged? Gooey residues on cables are a thing of the past!

The Canford cable crossover tape is a 150mm wide close-weave cloth tape, with 25mm wide adhesive strips along the edges, and an approximately 100mm wide, adhesive-free “tunnel” along the middle. Simply lay the tape over the cables to be covered, and press down at the edges. The non-adhesive section is reinforced with a polypropylene liner for puncture resistance. Adhesion to carpets and floors is excellent, and the adhesive is designed not to leave residues. The tape is available in high-visibility yellow with black stripes, or low-visibility solid black.

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CABLE CROSSOVER TAPE Yellow/Black (reel of 30 metres) YellowBlack Stock code:
1+ £35.44
5+ £34.65
10+ £33.85
25+ £32.96
per reel
CABLE CROSSOVER TAPE Black (reel of 30 metres) Black CABLE CROSSOVER TAPE Black (reel of 30 metres) Stock code: 39-502
1+ £31.29
5+ £30.58
10+ £29.88
25+ £29.10
per reel
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