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TECPRO COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Circuit splitters and isolators


The SB901 Splitter Box provides an easy means of splitting a single circuit run into up to 4 spurs. It has one input, and four output sockets. Thus one cable can be run from a system master to a remote location and split there among several outstations, minimising daisy-chaining of outstations. It also contains an isolate switch. This separates two of the outlets on the SB901 into a separate communications circuit while permitting power to flow through. This is an inexpensive way to provide several independent circuits from one power station.


The LI906 is similar to the SB901 in function, but serves only to form an independent remote circuit. Power is passed through the unit while the communications circuit is interrupted. A new line termination network is provided for the new remote circuit.

Technical Specification:
Comms line output:200 ohm audio, 5k ohm DC
Construction:XLR 3 male to female adapter. Connections through Pins 1 and 2. Pin 3 terminated with line termination network
Connections:Female connector to main circuit, male connector to remote circuit
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TECPRO SB901 Splitter box, 1 in, 2 + 2 out   Stock code:
TECPRO LI906 Line isolator   TECPRO LI906 Line isolator Stock code: 27-906
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