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TECPRO Dual circuit cable (XLR 6 pin) - 10 metres

TECPRO Dual circuit cable (XLR 6 pin) - 10 metres

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All single circuit and separately-cabled, dual circuit interconnections on the Tecpro Communications System, are made via twin-core screened cables terminated in XLR-3 type connectors. These are compatible with standard microphone extension leads. Correct phasing is most important. The system will not work if wires are reversed. Tecpro Communication equipment cannot however be damaged by any short circuit, open circuit or misconnected cables. The Tecpro range provides cables of various standard lengths to suit particular applications. These are made from heavy duty twin screened microphone cable (2 × 0.5mm², with virtually indestructible neoprene or polyurethane jacket) with XLR 3-pin connectors at each end (one male, one female).

Cables are also available for dual circuit systems, which use XLR 5-pin or 6-pin (Neutrik) connectors. These also have a polyurethane jacket 6.5mm overall diameter, with black shell XLR connectors at each end (one male, one female). 5-pin types are used with Tecpro Series 2 beltpacks BP525 and BP 545, 6-pin types are used with Series 1 beltpacks BP113, BP115 and BP117. XLR 5-pin connectors have green glands to identify them as intercom circuit cables. In addition there are two standard ‘Y’ leads to enable transfer from separately wired dual circuit systems to systems using 5-pin or 6 pin connectors (see TECPRO COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Breakout cables).

Cable Requirements

Two factors affect the choice of cable for a particular system or installation. They are:

  • – Length of run – longer runs require larger cable
  • – Number of outstations on each cable run increasing the number of outstations requires larger cable

In general, we recommend 0.5mm² (20AWG) twin screened cable should be used (Canford heavy duty cables FST-HD, HST-HD and HST-HD-R are suitable), as this allows most flexibility of application. However, for short runs (up to approx 150 metres), provided that no more than about 12 outstations are served, a smaller cable 0.22mm² /0.25mm² (24AWG) will usually be acceptable (Canford types FST, HST and HST-R are suitable). For short cables of a few metres length serving only one station (eg. between wall connector and beltpack), the core size is not critical.

Canford cable types HST-R and HST-HD-R have a polyurethane jacket, which has very similar properties to rubber - ie. very abrasion resistant and resilient. FST-HD is a foil screened cable specifically for installation purposes.

Wiring Conventions
System cable connectors:
XLR 3 pin -Pin 1: Earth/screen
Pin 2: + 24V DC
Pin 3: Audio
XLR 5 pin -Pin 1: 0V Earth/screen
Pin 2: +24V DC, circuit 1
Pin 3: Audio, circuit 1
Pin 4: +24V DC, circuit 2
Pin 5: Audio, circuit 2
XLR 6 pin -Pin 1: Earth/screen
Pin 2: +24V DC
Pin 3: Audio, circuit 1
Pin 4: Audio, circuit 2
Pin 5: Audio, circuit 3
Pin 6: Audio, circuit 4
NB.6 pin are Neutrik (Cannon compatible).
(Switchcraft 6 pin are non-standard, and are not suitable)
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