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A range of cable management aids using the well established ‘hook and loop’ materials.

Rip-Tie CableWrap

A high quality re-usable cable wrap, using a section of hook material stitched to a section of loop with a fabric pull tab. The loop material is punched so that the tie can be fixed to the cable using a nylon cable tie (supplied). The loop material forms an effective strain relief against cable damage. The fabric pull tab allows for easy opening with a good grip. Available in 4 sizes.

Size Width Length (approx.) Max. bundle diameter (approx.)
H3 25mm 75mm 19mm
H6 25mm 150mm 38mm
H9 25mm 225mm 57mm
H14 25mm 350mm 95mm

Rip-Tie CableCatch

Used to organize cables against a surface, behind equipment consoles, racks or desks. The CableCatch consists of hook and loop materials facing each other with a strong self-adhesive fixed to the back of the loop material. The hook material has a nylon fabric pull tab for easy release. CableCatches are well-suited for location and OB work, where CableCatches may be fixed to equipment for connector strain relief and neatness, or for studios which use a lot of hired in equipment that is changed out often. Available in 3 sizes.

Size Width Length (approx.) Max. bundle diameter (approx.)
C2 25mm 50mm 19mm
C4 25mm 100mm 38mm
C8 25mm 200mm 82mm

A custom pull-tab printing service is available for orders over 1,000 pieces (mixed types). Please ask sales staff for details. Standard Rip-Ties are available in a range of other colours to special order, minimum quantity 100 pieces per colour.

Rip-Tie Lite

Designed for applications where industrial strength or permanently fixed fastenings are not required, Rip-Tie Lite are a one piece double sided hook and loop fastener 12mm wide, with a slide-through eyelet to lock the fastener to the cable without the need of a nylon cable tie. When coiled, the remaining cable is held by wrapping the main length over itself in the usual way.

Size Length (approx.) Max. bundle diameter (approx.)
Y5 125mm 25mm
Y8 200mm 44mm
Y12 300mm 70mm

Rip-Tie WrapStrap

A low cost solution where the extra benefit of pull tabs, screw mount holes, etc. are not required, these ties are simply a length of flexible double sided strips 12 mm wide, ideal for semi-permanent fixing. Available in pre-cut lengths of 300mm.

Rip-Tie RipSpots

Where semi-permanent fixing of equipment is required, ‘RipSpots’ are ideal. These are simply self-adhesive circular spots of hook and loop material, which may be used to secure equipment that must be dismantled for transportation, or stored for security. Also a good way to fix control panels in studios which may need to be removed for servicing at short notice. diameter 35mm, supplied in packs of 10 pairs.

Rip-Tie CinchStrap-EG

Used for similar purposes to the CableCatch, the CinchStrap fixes more securely to rough surfaces and has a stronger closure mechanism to take heavier loads. The strap is secured to a surface using a suitable screw or other fastener through a metal eyelet (6.35mm clearance), allowing the strap to hang below. The cable bundle is placed against the strap. The end of the strap, which has a length of hook material is brought underneath the bundle, up and through a buckle, then down to lock on the loop material of the strap. Strap is 25mm wide, maximum bundle diameter 50mm, sold in packs of two.

  Description Price (£) Add to basket
RIP-TIE CableWrap H3 Black Black
1+ £1.91
10+ £1.86
50+ £1.82
RIP-TIE CableWrap H6 Black Black
1+ £2.16
10+ £2.11
50+ £2.07
RIP-TIE CableWrap H9 Black Black
1+ £2.45
10+ £2.39
50+ £2.34
RIP-TIE CableWrap H14 Black Black
1+ £2.85
10+ £2.78
50+ £2.72
RIP-TIE CableCatch C2 Black Black
1+ £2.56
10+ £2.50
50+ £2.45
RIP-TIE CableCatch C4 Black Black
1+ £2.92
10+ £2.84
50+ £2.79
RIP-TIE CableCatch C8 Black Black
1+ £3.95
10+ £3.85
50+ £3.78
RIP-TIE Lite Y5 Black Black
1+ £0.73
10+ £0.71
50+ £0.70
RIP-TIE Lite Y8 Black Black
1+ £0.89
10+ £0.87
50+ £0.85
RIP-TIE Lite Y12 Black Black
1+ £1.22
10+ £1.19
50+ £1.17
RIP-TIE Wrapstrap W12 Black Black
1+ £0.89
10+ £0.87
50+ £0.85
RIP-TIE Ripspot (pack of 10 pairs of hook and loop)
1+ £1.84
10+ £1.79
50+ £1.75
per pack
RIP-TIE CinchStrap EG Black (pack of 2) Black
1+ £8.99
10+ £8.76
50+ £8.58
per pack
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