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A range of IDC connection modules that are fully compatible with Krone LSA-Plus and other similar designs. All modules use the same flame-retardant moulded housing, but a range of thicknesses of silver-plating on the phosphor-bronze contacts are offered, which can be selected according to the application. The very highest level of plating, as used by Krone (typically 150 - 200 micron) is intended to handle multiple re-terminations (Krone specification is >99) and to have a higher resistance to corrosion, as would be required for outdoor cabinets. Indoor applications, and those with a lower re-termination requirement, can usually satisfactorily use thinner plating, which offers cost savings.

237A 10 pair disconnection module

This is the most popular module used for audio, DC, control and communications. It can be used for termination of unscreened pair cable or for screened audio cable where the screen either common terminates or floats at this connection point. It is available in various colour combinations and with two plating thickness options:


20 micron silver plating, for greatest economy.


100 micron silver plating, for highest performance.

237B 10 pair connection module

Identical to the 237A-S except that dis-pegs, test jacks and attenuators cannot be used to break the connection between the equipment and jumper side. Used only where hard-wiring is absolutely essential. 100 micron plating.

ABS 6 pair + screen disconnection module

Introduced to cater for screened data and audio applications, the ABS module allows each screen to be continued through to the jumper side and continued. This ensures proper individual screen continuation and termination for low noise audio applications, and other audio installations where common screen termination would otherwise introduce earth loops. 100 micron plating.

237D 76 way earth modules

Allows bulk termination of earths or screens on a termination frame. Two versions are offered - red block with flying lead fitted with insulated eyelet, or black block with 2 metre unterminated lead.

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TUK e237 Module, grey base with white housing GreyWhite Stock code:
1+ £3.33
10+ £3.24
50+ £3.16
100+ £3.08
TUK 237A-S Module, grey base with cream housing GreyCream Stock code:
1+ £3.58
10+ £3.49
50+ £3.40
100+ £3.31
TUK 237A-S Module, grey base with blue housing GreyBlue Stock code:
1+ £4.60
10+ £4.49
50+ £4.37
100+ £4.26
TUK 237B Module, grey base with grey housing GreyGrey Stock code:
1+ £3.63
10+ £3.53
50+ £3.44
100+ £3.35
TUK ABS Module, grey base with white housing GreyWhite Stock code:
1+ £7.78
10+ £7.58
50+ £7.39
100+ £7.19
TUK 237D Module, black Black Stock code:
1+ £8.53
10+ £8.31
50+ £8.10
100+ £7.89
TUK 237D Module, red Red Stock code:
1+ £4.50
10+ £4.39
50+ £4.28
100+ £4.16
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