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Lapel microphones used with radio-mic transmitter body-packs usually require a low-voltage bias that is normally provided by the pack. These useful adapters take the place of the pack, plugging directly into a standard XLR-3 microphone connection. The adapter derives a power supply for the microphone from a mixer or standard phantom power supply, and provides a balanced output.

Several versions are available for commonly-encountered microphones, together with a test-bench “bodge” version, providing spring-terminals for testing unterminated microphones. The bodge version may also be useful for live emergency situations such as unforeseen flat batteries in a transmitter pack.

Please note that the connectorised versions, other than the 20-767 are for use with 2-wire microphones.

Versions available

Stock code Microphone connector Compatible with
20-761 Spring terminals Test work (max. wire diameter 1.8mm)
20-762 Hirose (HRS) 4-pin Canford, Audio Technica
20-763 4-pin Lemo Trantec, Beyer
20-764 8-pin Hermaphrodite Lemo Micron (2-wire)
20-765 4-pin Tiny QG Shure, Audio-Technica
20-767 8-pin Hermaphrodite Lemo Micron (3-wire)
20-768 3-pin Lemo Sennheiser 3000 and 5000 series
20-769 3.5mm locking jack Sennheiser Evolution G1/G2 series
20-770 6-pin Lemo Micron 700 and Explorer 100 series

Technical Specification:

Phantom power: 24-48V
Insertion loss: 3 to 8 dB, depending on microphone
Audio output: Balanced, male XLR
Dimensions: 19mm (diameter) x 105mm
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