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Meet the team

Our people make the difference, and together form the team who make Canford. Together we strive to design, develop and manufacture distinctive products, deliver great customer service, create industry leading technical publications and provide customers with unrivalled support. Right now, we are a team of over 130, and collectively possess 1996 years of experience, all gained here at Canford. We are Canford, and we're pleased to meet you!

Canford's 40th Celebrations

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  3. International Sales  ↓  
  4. Shipping  ↓  
  5. Canford France  ↓  
  6. Customer Service  ↓  
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  8. Product Managers  ↓  
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  12. Marketing


  • Iain Elliott, owner and Director of Canford Audio Limited

    Iain Elliott

    CEO and Founder

    Start date: 01 July 1976

  • Mark Brindley, Operations Director

    Mark Brindley

    Operations Director

    Start date: 21 June 1987

  • Graeme Byers, Finance Manager

    Graeme Byers

    Finance Director

    Start date: 04 September 1995

UK Sales

  • Corina Cliff, BBC Account Manager

    Corina Cliff

    BBC Account Manager

    Start date: 12 March 1996

  • Erika Dobie, UK Business Development Manager

    Erika Dobie

    UK Business Development Manager

    Start date: 08 July 2002

  • Ian Sadler, UK Business Development Manager

    Ian Sadler

    UK Business Development Manager

    Start date: 14 June 2021

  • Julie Carney, UK Sales Manager

    Julie Carney

    UK Sales Manager

    Start date: 18 December 1995

  • Louise Wilson, Key Accounts Manager

    Louise Wilson

    Key Accounts Manager

    Start date: 04 January 2005

  • Ashleigh Bell, Key Accounts Manager

    Ashleigh Bell

    Key Accounts Manager

    Start date: 20 November 2006

  • Lauren Wylie, Sales Associate

    Lauren Wylie

    Key Accounts Manager

    Start date: 12 September 2016 Connect with Lauren

  • Denise Green, Sales Associate

    Denise Green

    Sales Associate

    Start date: 18 August 1997

  • Margaret Johnson, Sales Associate

    Margaret Johnson

    Sales Associate

    Start date: 12 November 2007

  • Kim Lamb, Sales Associate

    Kim Lamb

    Sales Associate

    Start date: 21 September 2015

  • Lilian Baggott, Sales Associate

    Lilian Baggott

    Sales Associate

    Start date: 03 October 2016

International Sales

  • Debbie Carlisle, International Sales Manager

    Debbie Carlisle

    International Sales Manager

    Start date: 02 October 2003

    Languages - English, German and French
    (Spanish and Italian, written only)
    Connect with Debbie
  • Danny Zacharia, Sales Manager (Middle East)

    Danny Zacharia

    Sales Manager (Middle East)

    Start date: 09 March 2015

    Languages - English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil (Arabic and French, written only)
  • Vita Gorkina, International Business Development Manager

    Vita Gorkina

    International Business Development Manager

    Start date: 08 April 2013

    Languages - Russian, Latvian and English
    Connect with Vita
  • Julia Malahovszki, Key Accounts Manager (International Sales)

    Julia Malahovszki

    Key Accounts Manager

    (Eastern Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa)

    Start date: 08 August 2016

    Languages - Hungarian, Russian and English (Italian, written only)
  • Sarah Webster, Key Accounts Manager (International Sales)

    Sarah Webster

    Key Accounts Manager

    (German and Italian speaking EU Countries, Greece and Turkey)

    Start date: 20 September 2004

    Languages - English and German (Dutch, Italian and Spanish, written only)
  • Emma Curtis, Key Accounts Manager (International Sales)

    Emma Curtis

    Key Accounts Manager

    (Nordics, Benelux, Ireland, France, Spanish speaking EU countries and Americas)

    Start date: 12 March 2001

    Languages - English
    Connect with Emma
  • Emma Curtis, Key Accounts Manager (International Sales)

    Max Clarke

    Key Accounts Manager

    (GCC and Middle East)

    Start date: 31 January 2017

    Languages - English


  • Ian Farina, Shipping Manager

    Ian Farina

    Shipping Manager

    Start date: 18 December 1996
    Connect with Ian

  • Peter Herkes, Shipping Coordinator

    Peter Herkes

    Shipping Coordinator

    Start date: 14 January 1991

  • James Akerman, Shipping Coordinator

    James Akerman

    Shipping Coordinator

    Start date: 05 December 2012

Canford France (Strasbourg Office)

  • Thomas Nicolle, Directeur Général

    Thomas Nicolle

    Directeur Général

    Start date: 16 August 2012

  • Agnès Bergé, Service Ventes

    Agnès Bergé

    Service Ventes

    Start date: 01 January 1990

  • Anna Y. Gallego

    Anna Y. Gallego

    Marketing Manager, French Website and Product Database Admin

    Start date: 21 October 2007

  • France Abadie, Service Ventes

    France Abadie

    Service Ventes

    Start date: 05 January 2009

Customer Service

  • Lorraine Lyon, Customer Services Manager

    Lorraine Lyon

    Customer Services Manager

    Start date: 28 April 1997

Technical Support

  • Heather Charton, Engineering Support Administrator

    Heather Charlton

    Engineering Support Administrator

    Start date: 28 February 2000

  • Paul Power, Technical Support Engineer

    Paul Power

    Technical Support Engineer

    Start date: 03 October 2016 Connect with Paul

  • Charles Phelps, Audio & Video Engineer

    Charles Phelps

    Audio & Video Engineer

    Start date: 04 September 2017 Connect with Chad

Product Managers

  • Graeme Lyon, Product Manager

    Graeme Lyon

    Product Manager

    Start date: 02 January 1986

  • Aidan Hennis, Product Manager

    Aidan Hennis

    Product Manager

    Start date: 01 April 2012 Connect with Aidan

  • Ian Winter, Product Manager

    Ian Winter

    Product Manager

    Start date: 19 September 2016

  • Mark Anderson, Product Database Manager

    Mark Anderson

    Product Database Manager

    Start date: 11 August 1997


  • Shawn Pretorius, Production Manager

    Shawn Pretorius

    Production Manager (Washington)

    Start date: May 2012

  • Gavin Drake, Production Manager

    Gavin Drake

    Production Manager (Portland)

    Start date: 09 November 1999 Connect with Gavin

  • Laura Pavey, Production Controller

    Laura Pavey

    Senior Production Engineer (Portland)

    Start date: 17 August 1998

Fibre Termination

  • John Driver, Head of Design and Fibre Technology

    John Driver

    Head of Design and Fibre Technology

    Start date: 05 January 1984

  • Steve Gibson, Fibre Operator

    Steve Gibson

    Fibre Operator

    Start date: 28 March 1995

  • Caroline Coupland, Fibre Operator

    Caroline Coupland

    Fibre Termination Service Team Leader

    Start date: 28 February 2005


  • Alan Wilson, Purchasing Manager

    Alan Wilson

    Purchasing Manager

    Start date: 03 December 2012

  • Andy Dodd, Key Accounts Manager, Purchasing

    Andy Dodd

    Key Accounts Manager, Purchasing

    Start date: 26 September 1994

  • Stephen Adams, Purchasing Officer

    Stephen Adams

    Purchasing Officer

    Start date: 03 April 1995

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