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Roll to Record tie up Big Brother

Cable Markers

Canford have just supplied London based Roll to Record Ltd with a wide variety of equipment for use in the latest Big Brother series. Amongst a great deal of racking and interconnect products, we have also supplied a large quantity of cable marking and cable management accessories.

Roll to Record is the designated supplier of Broadcast facilities on Big Brother, Richard & Judy, Celebrity Scissorhands, Deal or No Deal and several other familiar TV productions. They have an excellent reputation in the provision of flexible technical production services to everything from reality shows using their bespoke Robotic Camera Systems to outside broadcasts and long term Studio Installations. Their work on Big Brother is of particular note since of course the show is literally ‘non-stop 24/7’ for the duration.

When it was time to get ready for the latest Big Brother production RtR came to Canford to supply their diverse requirements. Many people, including RtR, purchase a lot of audio and video (including HD) interconnect products from Canford, but alongside those products we also carry a vast quantity of the less sexy but absolutely essential products for cable management and cable marking. Anyone who has ever walked into a rack room and tried to find a particular patched signal in a hurry knows just how essential they are.

Cable Tie

Amongst those little gems currently being employed on the Big Brother production are Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Sleeving - a semi-flexible laminated cross-linked polyolefin heat shrink tubing, internally coated with adhesive, which as the sleeve shrinks, melts and seals the components or cables contained. This material is ideal for producing Y-splits in cables and for terminating the ends of multicore looms formed using our Expandable Braided Sleeving, or where a foil screened multipair is split out into tails. Pre-fit Cable Markers - these markers embody a chevron shaped cut which assists in the alignment of the marker. They are made in a very flexible PVC type, and are stocked in four sizes, covering cable diameters 1.5mm to 16.0mm. All sizes are supplied semi cut, on reels or in packs, and are stocked in various legends – numbers 0-9, letters A-Z and legends OHMS and EARTH. Numerals are resistor colour coded, letters are black on white. And of course, humble cable ties of which Canford stock a variety including easy release types and the clever Millipede Mille Tie which prevent over tightening and crushing damage to SD and HD cable types.

The selection, termination and management of gas filled dielectric cables for HDTV is a critical area for consideration and we strongly recommend you take a look at our technical guide Coaxial cables for digital video.


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