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4 July 2022
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Canford stops recycling!...


…and begins re-using. One of the biggest impacts Canford has on the environment is in our necessary use of packaging in various forms. From this point forward Canford will re-use all boxes and other packaging materials wherever possible when packing your order for despatch, a scheme that is even more environmentally friendly than recycling as no energy input is required. The downside is that your deliveries may not look as pretty as they used to, but does that matter too much? We think not. Of course, damaged or poor condition boxes will be sent for recycling, as before.

Canford has always taken steps to minimise its environmental impact and the latest scheme to re-use our packaging is the logical next step in that effort. The scheme was pioneered some years ago and the first version of the scheme involved shredding all the company’s waste paper and using it for packing in all the outgoing parcels. Unfortunately this method had an unforeseen flaw. It created a lot of paper dust from the shredding process and an alternative packing medium was found that was almost as environmentally friendly since the main constituent is air. All packaging reused by Canford will feature the sticker shown.

Another example of Canford’s determination to limit our environmental footprint has been the introduction of a lead-free soldering process in our electronics manufacturing plant. We were the first company in our industry to introduce this more environmentally friendly process. Certainly we were amongst the first in Europe to implement it. We will keep you informed of any further developments on this subject.

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