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Neil Spencer 35 years service

Congratulations and Thank You to Neil Spencer!

We’re celebrating with Neil Spencer today who’s been with us for an impressive 35 years!!!

Neil began his career at Swift Engineering which was acquired by Canford in 1998. A proud family man, Neil moved with the business to Dorset where he was heavily involved in helping to set up production and facilitating a smooth transition to Canford. Neil loved living in Dorset so much that he decided to stay permanently and has continued to support Canford as manufacturing capabilities on the Isle of Portland have been expanded considerably. Canfords’ Portland Manufacturing Plant is taking ever increasing responsibility, not just for high-quality production, but also for direct liaison with clients which in many cases leads directly to bespoke solutions and new product development. The team at Portland are now producing connectivity solutions for broadcasting and high-calibre AV installations around the world, market leading carbon fibre boom poles used in big budget TV drama series and Hollywood film production, and fibre optic hardware which is broadcasting premier league football, international music festivals and the occasional royal wedding around the globe. Canford is able to deliver these products through the dedication and hardworking of “The Team”, who together, with Neil’s 35 years, have worked at Canford for a combined 1996 years. Well done Neil and we look forward to the next chapter together!

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    Canford support student expedition to Nepal

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  • Linking wireless to analogue 2-wire comms

    Linking wireless to analogue 2-wire comms

    A large number of venues and rental companies use Tecpro, Clear-Com, RTS-TW and similar analogue partyline (sometimes referred to as 2-wire) intercom systems. Many users find that two channels of intercom provide them with all the facilities they need and the only thing they would like to add is a small number of wireless beltpacks to allow selected users to move around freely.

  • Reverb Twentyfour provides Virtual Acoustic for LSO

    Reverb Twentyfour provides Virtual Acoustic for LSO

    Currently the landscape of audio production and reproduction is changing since 3D audio is starting to become common place in cinemas and homes where the Dolby Atmos format is available. Dolby Atmos utilises surround speakers in the horizontal plane but also above the listener. The BBC is also moving forward researching ways of delivering a more immersive listening and viewing experience into the homes of viewers whether that is utilising 3D speaker arrays or over headphones.

  • Canford introduce 12G, 4K, 75 ohm BNC Termination Panels

    Canford introduce 12G, 4K, 75 ohm BNC Termination Panels

    We are excited to announce the upgrade of our 3G HD Panels, and the launch of our new 12G, 4K UHD, 75 ohms Termination Panels.