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NEW: Canford launch all-new EMO range

What do you think of when you think of EMO? Reliability? Sustainability? Ruggedness? Built to last and with an enviable reputation? A possible victim of its’ own success maybe?

EMO by Canford

Since EMO was founded in 1973, it quickly earned the respect for reliability and audio fidelity by many professional studios, touring and events rigs globally. It has been the first and only choice for many industry leading professionals with a distinctive and recognisable design. It was indeed the brand of choice for our very own PA system here at Canford back in 1976. Rugged mains panels and sequential switchers, mic splitters and DI boxes that withstand years of abuse on the road are in daily use by leading engineers and artists.  Originally designed and built in Durham UK and acquired by Canford in 2000, simplicity of design and use of the highest quality components remains the philosophy to this day with no compromises. It has a history of outstanding build quality and near zero returns. Our very own Mike Reay came as part of the package and continues with his role as technical support for EMO, Tecpro and Green-Go product ranges.

Despite its’ success, it was becoming apparent that to retain our position in the market and to meet with todays’ new technologies and demands, changes were required. With our growing customer base in the touring and live events industry in mind and regular enquiries for custom manufactured power distribution panels or modifications to the existing models, this series of products seemed like the most obvious place to start. And so it began, the birth of the new range of EMO Power Distribution panels and floor boxes.

It was important to us that the new features met with the requisites of todays’ user and who better to consult with but our own customers at the coalface and other industry experts. A simple case of ‘what do you want and we shall build it’ was applied and after having sought many different opinions and through collaborative product development working with our highly experienced teams across our main Washington and Portland manufacturing sites, we developed our first, fresh new look, basic range.

We believe that the range is tailored to meet the high standards and expectations of the modern theatre, live events and touring systems. All models include a wide selection of locking connector options where a safe connection is paramount and to avoid costly disconnection during an event. New overcurrent thermal breakers provide essential protection in the event of excess current from an overload or short circuit. A new bank of ‘traffic light’ LED power status indicators feature on all 1U and 2U panels, displaying Supply Present/Earth Present and Neutral Fault status plus the added advantage of a switch to disable the indicators for onstage environments and to enable PAT testing.

emo power distribution panelsA choice of five 1U models was developed in the knowledge that rack space is at an all time premium and size and weight considerations are essential. There didn’t appear to an ‘off the shelf solution’ available in the market and we therefore seized the opportunity. With the provision of Powercon, Powercon TOP and Locking IEC’s, these units have been designed with processor racks in mind where they will power commonly used items such as outboard processors, radio mic systems, DMX distribution and amplifiers.emo power distribution panels

In addition to this, we have upgraded a few of the original C-series 16A and 32A 2U models. The unique feature of the recess above the 16A splash-proof CeeForm inlet is still very much in demand. This allows the sprung cap of the mating cable socket to fit into the rack and avoiding interference with other co-racked equipment. The provision of the CeeForm loop-through allows for several mobile racks to be powered from one source. A greater number of 13A sockets are available on the E616 model together with the introduction of Powercon and Locking IEC socket options on the E617 and E618 (32A) versions.

To complete the basic series and a first for EMO, we have introduced the E621 and E622 Power Distribution floor boxes. Designed for on-stage powering of either musician backline or they can be truss/ fly bar mounted in theatre or touring applications.emo power distribution floor box

They offer Powercon loop through connectors that feed a bank of six 13A sockets and housed in folded steel enclosures with painted steel handles positioned to protect the thermal and RCBO circuit breakers from damage. Crucially, In the event of a circuit breaker tripping, the pass through of power to the next unit is not affected.

Future additions to the range will include models that cater towards the international market. Watch this space….

The full range is now available from stock, see for further information.

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