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Sony ECM-90 - The ultimate professional omni-directional electret condenser microphone?

Designed for professional use and promising to maintain sound clarity in almost any environment, the ultra-miniature, splash-proof, Sony ECM-90 certainly packs a punch.

Sony ECM-90Sony ECM-90 terminated with 3-pin Lemo

The ECM-90 is the successor to the popular ECM-88 series. It is intended for use in Theatres, Location Sound, ENG, Production and countless other ‘quality-critical’ applications.

Measuring just 3.5mm in diameter and weighing in at only 1g, its omni-directional electret condenser capsule is discreet. It is supplied with a 1.2m captive cable terminated with either a 4-pin Hirose or 3-pin Lemo connector.

Sony ECM-90Durability is enhanced with a splash-proof design which helps prevent water, perspiration, and other liquids from entering the capsule and causing damage to the diaphragm.

A dual diaphragm mechanism contributes to high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and low noise characteristics. The diaphragm and backplate are fixed vertically to the microphone capsule, which effectively reduces the mechanical noise caused by cable vibration and friction.

In addition, the diaphragm uses a rectangular 'tray' instead of a fragile ring, which minimizes deformation of the diaphragm to maintain sound quality.


Reading about a particular feature on paper and hearing it in the real world can be two very different things. I was intrigued by claims of greatly reduced cable handling noise due to the dual diaphram design, and from both my own testing and feedback from prominent users, the results are as good in reality as they are on paper!

Through meticulous design, 2 industry-standard  variants and a sound that stands out above the crowd, Sony have created a brilliant lavalier microphone system, which I am pleased to say is easily available throughout the UK from our trusted dealers, including Canford.Sam North - Sales Manager, Karno Sound

Flat-and-wide Frequency Response

The ECM-90 Series provides a flat-and-wide frequency response (20 Hz to 20 kHz), which provides natural sound reproduction. This enables the operator to add sound effects easily during the mixing process.

Stock code: 91-904 - SONY ECM-90LM MICROPHONE Lapel, miniature, omni-directional, 3-pin Lemo connector, black
Stock code: 91-903 - SONY ECM-90BC MICROPHONE Lapel, miniature, omni-directional, 4-pin Hirose SCM connector, black

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