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Protecting your investment and so much more!

LEN Galvanic Isolators have an excellent reputation for completely protecting equipment input video feeds from all these stray power voltages whilst letting through all the wanted video signals without distortion. LEN products have  long been recognised as the preferred solution to protect  equipment and prevent failure, especially when shooting “on location” such as a film set or live sporting event, as kit failure here has massive knock-on consequences to the shoot or live feed streams.

It is therefore perhaps no surprise that LEN were approached by users of new generation 12G video cameras for a solution to a problem they were experiencing with SDI ports being blown. Camera manufacturer advice on cable connection procedures and sequences designed to overcome the issue were seen as impractical in the real world of a shoot environment and even if the advice could be followed, what if a mistake was made or the camera battery failed creating a de facto variation to the recommended connection process?
LEN galvanic isolators were seen as the solution, protecting against stray currents and passing the video signal without distortion. But could LEN create an even better solution?

In response the design team at LEN have created a new product, the ‘PP Duo’ twin port protector, specifically designed for SDI Port Protection on 12G cameras and to provide two protected SDI output ports from the single camera SDI output BNC connector. Designed for 3G and higher formats only,  this new isolator/splitter has been  created to withstand and protect against the repetitive  and damaging high transient loads that can be generated when swapping cables in the, far from ideal, circumstances of a shoot.

The LEN PP Duo provides both port protection with no signal distortion and two broadcast quality signals. Like all LEN products the new PP Duo is a passive design and so is small and lightweight. It requires no power supply, improving reliability and making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The PP Duo features a custom designed enclosure for ease of mounting on a camera and carries an IP rating so that it is protected from dirt, rain or short immersion.
LEN are a leading provider of signal enhancement products and design and manufacture a broad range of galvanic ground isolators for 4K12G/3G/HD/SD SDI video use at their base in Crewe, England. A popular choice with Broadcast Engineers, these products provide full galvanic isolation of signal and ground paths, but also outperform broadband transformers for SDI signals, as they ensure that there is no distortion of the signal, by permitting the full bandwidth of the SDI signal to pass, whilst offering input and output impedance of 75 ohms and return loss better than 20dB.

LEN’s Galvanic Isolator range includes models in encapsulated enclosures suitable for rack mounting within an accessory panel and inline ‘barrels’, more suitable for in-line / portable applications or tailboard mounting, for incoming external feeds.

As part of its 4K range of products LEN’s L4KGI range of 4K Video Galvanic Isolators support 6G and 12G SDI full signal and ground isolation and are fully compliant with the SMPTE ST-2081 and SMPTE ST-2082 standards defining 6G and 12G interfaces as well as being backwards compatible with existing standards.

In addition to widespread use in the broadcast industry, models from LEN’s range of Galvanic Isolators are also specified by members of the medical, security and defence communities, to support the safe operation of a broad range of essential and highly complex equipment. For example the imaging equipment in your local hospital legally requires protection for breakdown voltages of up to 4kV, whilst demanding video feeds of the highest quality.

Whether you are televising a summer festival, bringing tennis to the masses or working with medical grade applications, LEN’s range of Galvanic Isolators provide a cost effective, passive solution.

All LEN products are manufactured in England and undergo thorough testing within LEN’s own in-house test facility as part of a rigorous quality control process designed to test against industry standards and LEN’s own exacting specifications, ensuring LEN is well positioned to support broadcasters seeking to take advantage of the latest developments in UHD signal enhancement technologies.

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