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3 March 2024
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Canford Fibre: SMPTE the Best? - New Fibre Cables from Canford

In 2022 we released our brand new fibre cable. Manufactured to SMPTE311M standard for HDTV camera connections, our cable is a hybrid of single mode fibre optic and copper cores. Years of research went into developing a fibre cable that we were comfortable in staking our reputation on, and we are particularly proud of how rugged and reliable it is - it is especially resilient to friction and abrasion.


Flexible Fibre

Now, at the beginning of 2024, and after another significant period of intensive research, we are finally ready to release our flexible version.

Featuring a similar spec as our original cable, but with the advantages of a flexible, thermoplastic elastomer outer jacket, this flexible fibre cable is perfect for use in all environments, and remains surprisingly resilient too.

Auxiliary Conductors: Four cores 20AWG, 19/0.2mm (0.6mm sq.) tinned copper wire, insulated with LDPE, black x2, white x2, 1.50mm diameter.

Signal Conductors: Two cores 24AWG, 7/0.2mm (0.22mm sq.) tinned copper wire, insulated with LDPE, red, grey. 1.10mm diameter.

Fibre Optic Cores:
Two bend-insensitive cores (to ITU G.657A) single-mode fibre 9 micron diameter, cladding 125 micron diameter, with UV-cross-linked acrylate coating and 1.80mm diameter thermoplastic outer; blue, yellow.

Strength Member: One 14AWG 19/0.3mm stainless steel wire reinforcement, insulated with TPE, white, laid centrally. 2.10mm diameter.


Don't forget about our fibre termination service

Industry leading, rapid response fibre termination service offering ready-made or fully custom fibre assemblies using a variety of cable and connectors. Our highly trained, qualified specialists go above and beyond to ensure that each cable surpasses the industry standards for insertion loss, geometric inspection, and return loss, accepting only the very best cables.

Qualified: Fully qualified termination of LEMO, Neutrik, Fibreco HMA, and other industry standard connectors.

Quality: Tested to IEC and Telcordia standards for complete geometry inspection, accepting only the very best.

Quick: Rapid response service where speed is of the essence.


What's Next?

Unable to stand still (keep the content coming team!), our R&D and Fibre teams have been exploring a brand new Low Fire Hazard, CPR B2CA Rated / Installation version of our fibre cable for release later this year.

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