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18 August 2022
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CANFORD RACK HOOK - Headphone holder

Designed as a “headphone holder”, this is a versatile rack-mounting hook which is fitted over a 2U panel in a rack, and may be used to hold accessories in a convenient place for instant access, rather than leave them lying around on the floor. Whilst intended for use with headphones, it could support other items such as patch cords, handbags and even coats.

Opportunities when fitted on the rear of the rack include the support of a reel of jumper-wire or solder, some labelling machines, and perhaps krone tools . The base may be mounted over a blank panel, or a piece of equipment using the existing mounting screws, and the hook swivels about the vertical axis so it may lay flat against the panel (provided that knobs will not be compromised !) when not in use. It protudes approximately 150mm from the mounting surface and has a soft rubber sleeve to protect the accessory, the panel when closed, and the limbs of passers by. Colour: Black.

Application note

The user should take appropriate steps to ensure attention to relevant health and safety issues arising from the positioning of this device. Mounting at eye, or just below waist, level is not recommended.