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CANFORD DST CABLE 1 pair, 110 ohms, TurquoiseTurquoise

Canford DST

CANFORD DST CABLE 1 pair, 110 ohms, Turquoise
CANFORD DST CABLE 1 pair, 110 ohms, TurquoiseCANFORD DST CABLE 1 pair, 110 ohms, Turquoise


A flexible 110 ohm low-capacitance cable, designed specifically for transmission of AES/EBU format balanced digital audio signals, but also applicable for many other data signals. The characteristic impedance tolerances are partly achieved through precision lay-up machinery, but also by designing sufficient rigidity into the structure so as to hold the lay-up geometry as well as possible when the cable is flexed. This is obviously in conflict with user demands for a super-flexible cable, but use of fine copper strands and a PVC/elastomer compound for the outer jacket goes some way to achieving the optimum compromise. The result is that the impedance specification is well within the AES/EBU requirements. It is also suitable for DMX applications.

The cable is double screened, both with aluminium foil and a wire braid, but a drain wire is included for termination convenience so that it is not necessary to terminate the braid directly.
As the external appearance of the cable is similar to most other twin screened or starquad cables, and indeed would normally be terminated with XLR connectors, it has been produced in a colour not normally used by Canford, and rarely by other manufacturers. It is also printed with a suitable distinctive identification. Other colours can be produced to special order, subject to minimum order quantities.

Technical Specification:

Conductors: 19/0.127mm (0.24mm²) tinned copper wire
Insulation: Foamed polypropylene, red, black
Construction: Two cores twisted together
Screen 1: Aluminium/polyester tape, aluminium side out
Drain wire: 19/0.127mm (0.24mm²) tinned copper wire
Screen 2: 90% cover braid, 0.127mm tinned copper wire
Jacket: Soft semi-matt PVC, OD 5.8mm ±0.2mm
Max. conductor resistance: 72 ohms/km
Impedance: 110 ohms ±10%, 0.1–6.0MHz
Capacitance: 38pF/m
Weight: 4.7kg/100m
Reel length: 500 metres
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre