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Canford expands fibre capabilities to include Fibreco HMA terminations

Due to continued growth within our fibre termination unit we have just doubled the size of our termination facility, and are now in the process of adding more staff.  This has been possible in part due to recognition from customers, some of whom help to bring you some of the most prestigious events and sports on TV, that we are now a major supplier of fibre termination within the industry. Every termination goes through a strict testing procedure and tested to industry standards throughout the process to ensure they meet industry defined random mate-ability of connectors which always guarantees a good connection. Along with this we have also invested in stock of cables and connectors to ensure a quick turnaround of orders to meet customer deadlines even for custom assemblies.

Following on from our previous addition of Neutrik opticalCON and LEMO SMPTE Terminations we have now just added the Fibreco Expanded Beam connector termination. Commonly referred to as the HMA connector, Expanded Beam connectors are designed specifically for harsh environments which are generally subject to dust, dirt and mud and have already been adopted by some of the major mixer desk manufacturers. As a result the Fibreco Expanded Beam connectors naturally find themselves at home in the Touring and Events market where dust, dirt and mud are part of the touring and festival life.

Available in both Singlemode and Multimode as 2 channel or 4 channel versions, the Expanded Beam connectors are Hermaphroditic and can be easily daisy chained as there is no male or female to worry about during rigging or de-rigging. Expanded Beam connectors use a non-contact technique where the fibre is sealed behind a lens that protects it from contamination, the lens enlarges the active area of the fibre which reduces the sensitivity to dirt resulting in better reliability. Cleaning is relatively straight forward compared to standard fibre connectors where two ferules butt against each other under pressure. The Expanded Beam connector can simply be rinsed in water and dried with a clean soft cloth and is easily repaired if the lens becomes damaged. Replacement of the lens block does not require the connector to be re terminated and can be replaced in the field within 30 minutes.

Typical insertion and return loss figures differ to the standard types of fibre connectors but are generally consistent throughout their life unlike standard types which will vary due to contamination and wear.

Insertion Loss Return Loss
9/125 Singlemode  -1.5dB max (-1.0dB typical) 32dB min (40dB typical)
50/125 Multimode  -1.0dB max (-0.70 typical) 20db min

For more information and to enquire about our Fibre Termination Service, please contact:
UK Sales: 0191 418 1122
International Sales: +44 191 418 1133

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