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Canford appoints Caroline Coupland to the newly created position of Fibre Termination Service Team Leader

Effective immediately, the appointment comes following the continued success and growth of Canford’s in-house SMPTE fibre termination service, which is now firmly established as a major supplier of fibre terminations within the broadcast and AV industry.

Caroline joined Canford’s production team 14-years ago and has worked on the company’s readymade cables, Mains Distribution Units, EMO and Tecpro brands.

Having successfully gained fibre manufacturer certification, Caroline joined the newly formed Fibre Termination Team in 2016 and has been instrumental in the growth and development of the service.

The promotion comes as Canford expands both its facilities and fibre termination capabilities to include Fibreco HMA connectors. These Expanded Beam terminations are designed specifically for harsh environments and reinforces Canford’s commitment to further develop its business in the Touring and Events markets.

The expansion has effectively doubled Canford’s fibre facilities within its Washington, Tyne and Wear HQ, and has seen raw materials bolstered with substantial stock commitments to ensure the business continues to deliver its promise to provide a short lead-time service for the termination of fibre connectors.

For more information and to enquire about our Fibre Termination Service, please contact: UK Sales: 0191 418 1122    International Sales: +44 191 418 1133

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