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NEW: Live streaming solutions


Muxlab Live Streaming Kits allow users to easily stream audio and video content from any location to unlimited viewers across the globe in minutes. If paired with the MuxStream app, the kits provide a one-stop-shop for all live streaming needs. The versatile systems are available in component or plug-and-play kit form for maximum convenience.

Canford is an Authorised Muxlab Distribution Partner.



Live streaming kit that allows the user to stream video resolution up to 4K/30 over the internet. Designed for use with streaming online video services including YouTube and Facebook, this kit would be at home in places of education, video studios, fitness studios, houses of worship or conference rooms.

 89-1023 MUXLAB 500786 LIVE STREAMING KIT Single camera, 4K/30

  • 1x 500791 HDMI/PTZ camera
  • 1x Transmitter unit
  • 1x 2m HDMI cable
  • 1x 2.4GHz lavalier wireless system
  • 1x Power supply



89-1024 MUXLAB 500785 LIVE STREAMING KIT Multi-camera, 4K/30

  • 1x 500791 HDMI/PTZ camera
  • 1x Transmitter unit
  • 1x 4x1 HDMI switcher (enables the use of multiple cameras for more immersive video content)
  • 1x IR emitter for 4x1 switcher
  • 2x 2m HDMI cable
  • 1x Lavalier wireless system
  • 1x Power supply



89-1025 MUXLAB 500791 PTZ CAMERA HDMI/IP streaming, 1080p

This full HD 1080p camera has both HDMI and IP connectivity and is an integral part of 500786 and 500785 kits.
Over HDMI the camera supports uncompressed video, and via IP H.254/H.265 compressed video is supported for internet streaming. A wide viewing angle of 72.5 degrees to 6.9 degrees horizontal and 44.8 degrees to 3.9 degrees vertical is complimented with a horizontal rotation range of -170 to +170 degrees, and a vertical rotation range of -30 to +90 degrees. This rotation can be controlled remotely via the included infrared remote control or via IP/RS232.

89-1021 MUXLAB 500467 VIDEO CAPTURE AND STREAMER HDMI to USB 3.0, HDMI loop out, 4K/60 

This video capture and streaming device allows a user to connect a HDMI device to a computer via USB 3.0 for recording. It is also designed for live video feeds, allowing a connection between 500791 HDMI camera and computer via USB. Once connected to a computer, 500467 is able to support 4K/60 sources, and streaming at resolution up to 1080p/60Hz. The device is OBS Studio and AMCap compatible, supporting a variety of sources including video cameras, gaming consoles, and media players.

89-1022 MUXLAB 500705 VIDEO CAPTURE AND STREAMER SDI to USB 3.0, SDI loop out, 1080p/60

In the same way as 500467, this device has been designed to convey video signals from source to USB output, however 500705 is compatible with SDI inputs and would therefore be more at home in a broadcast environment. 500705 supports 3G, HD, and SD-SDI source inputs, with auto-detection, before converting to USB 3.0 for computer interfacing. An SDI loop output is provided for monitoring the output signal on a secondary display.

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