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The Canford phase check system allows fast testing of the polarity of acoustic transducers, microphones and electronic devices. Sophisticated signal processing allows fast and accurate determination of the absolute polarity, unimpaired by passive crossovers or signal waveform distortions produced by the device under test.

The test system consists of two units: the signal generator and the detector. To check acoustical or electrical phasing, the generator is connected to the input of the device under test, and the detector to the output signal. Subsequent signal processing enables the detector to decide whether the device under test reverses signal phase or not. The result of the test procedure is displayed via two LED’s, the green one indicating ‘in phase’ and the red one indicating ‘out of phase’ condition.

Due to the versatile input/output structure of both the generator and the detector, any combination of acoustical and electrical input and output may be evaluated.


  • Both acoustical and electrical output
  • XLR output connector may be switched to either pin 2 or 3 hot
  • Adjustable output level (controls both electrical and acoustical outputs)
  • Variable pulse interval times, adjustable from 0.5–3.0 seconds (supplied set to 1.0 seconds, internally adjustable), to facilitate testing of time-delayed sound reinforcement systems
  • Floating low-impedance balanced output
  • Line level output on XLR 3-pin male connector
  • Integrated loudspeaker
  • Both acoustical and electrical input
  • 3 position input selector: internal mic/line/external mic
  • XLR input may be switched to either pin 2 or 3 hot, floating balanced or unbalanced
  • Integrated condenser type microphone
  • Epoxy encapsulated shock-proof circuitry
  • 2 LED coloured display

Technical Specification:

  • Rugged extruded aluminium housing with protective end bezels
  • Power supply (each device): 1 PP3 size 9v battery
  • Battery life: 50 hours approx. using alkaline cells
  • Output level: + 6 dBV peak
  • Min source impedance: 10 ohms
  • Pulse spectrum covers entire audio frequency range
  • Line input impedance: 10 kohm
  • Mic ext input impedance: 1 kohm
  • Min mic input voltage: 10mV
  • Min line input voltage: 250mV
  • Max line input voltage: 50V