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AMPETRONIC RM-1U Rackmount tray

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  • RM-1U
AMPETRONIC RM-1U Rackmount tray


A range of attenuators, electret microphone adapters and microphone pre-amplifiers which, though designed originally for use with Ampetronic induction loop drivers, are useful in many PA related applications.

ATT-UJ Attenuator

Adapter to interface a 100 volt line speaker system or low impedance speaker output to a high impedance balanced input such as used on Ampetronic induction loop drivers and preamplifiers as well as designs by other manufacturers. Various transformer attenuations and couplings are available.

Maximum input: 100V AC (100 Volt line), 10V AC (Low Z speaker). Attenuation: 70dB, 60dB, 50dB & 40dB (100V); 50dB, 40dB, 30dB & 20dB (LowZ). Input connector: Shrouded terminal block. Output connector: Shrouded terminal block.

ATT-UX Attenuator

As the ATT-UJ but with a balanced 3-pin XLR output connector.

Included accessories: 3-pin XLR plug cable for output connection.

MAT1 Electret Microphone Adapter

Adaptor to interface an unbalanced electret microphone to a balanced microphone input with +15V phantom powering, such as that found on Ampetronic equipment and others. The unit has unity gain and provides the correct bias voltage to the electret microphone.

Adapter microphone input: Single-pole 3.5mm jack socket; unit provides 6.8V bias to the microphone. Output: 3-pole female XLR. Powering: Requires phantom power 12-48V.

MP221 Microphone Pre-amplifier

Recently re-introduced due to popular demand, an improved version of the high quality MP221 microphone pre-amplifier, which now includes a DC power supply. It is commonly used with induction loop systems to add a microphone channel to the line feed from a mixing desk, giving ‘ambience’ information to the listener, such that on fade-down of the mixer they do not feel isolated from their surroundings, which is very important in churches and similar environments.

This mono mixer has two microphone and two line-level channels. Microphone inputs are balanced, 3-pin XLR connectors and can provide a +12V phantom power. Line inputs consist of a single, balanced, mono input, on 6.35mm 3-pole A-gauge jack and a dual unbalanced, RCA-phono input for connection of stereo sources. The balanced output is provided on a 6.35mm 3-pole A-gauge jack.
Each input has a gain control on the front panel. Line inputs have 6dB gain maximum, and microphone inputs 66dB maximum. Power and Input Overload indication LEDs are also located on the front panel.

The unit is powered by 12V DC, 55mA (power supply included). Power may alternatively be obtained from a host Ampetronic amplifier. Dimensions 108 x 200 x 44 (w x d x h) mm. This equates to quarter rack width. Weight 650g.

Included accessories: Handbook, power supply, 6.35mm A-gauge jack to 6.35mm A-gauge jack lead.
Optional accessories: RM1U rack mounting tray.

RM-1U Rack Mounting Tray

The RM-1U is a single-unit rack-mounting tray which will take up to four Ampetronic devices, depending on width, or blanking plates. The BPS-1U Short blanking plate takes up one quarter of the width. The BPL-1U Long blanking plate takes up half of the width. Loop drivers and other accessories can be fitted up to the total width. Blanking plates to fill gaps should be ordered separately.

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AMPETRONIC MAT1 MICROPHONE ADAPTER Electret, provides bias, phantom powered Stock code: 93-670
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AMPETRONIC RM-1U Rackmount tray Stock code: 93-793
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AMPETRONIC ATT-UJ ATTENUATOR Speaker feed to balanced input, variable, screw terminals, jack cables Stock code: 93-6721
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AMPETRONIC ATT-UX ATTENUATOR Speaker feed to balanced input, variable, screw terminals, XLR cable Stock code: 93-6722
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