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TECPRO COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Talkback Loudspeaker Stations - Series 1

LS300 Series

For use where 2 way loudspeaking communications are required

  • Built-in microphone
  • Signal light/switch
  • Headset socket: mutes loudspeaker when in use
  • 3 way overrides function (internally programmed)
  • set to preset volume (overrides user volume control), or
  • force from TALK to LISTEN at preset volume, or
  • force from OFF or TALK to LISTEN at preset volume
  • XLR 3 pin connectors on single circuit table versions – compatible with microphone extension cables
  • Screw terminal plug and socket on fixed versions – easy to install and service
  • Up to 9 circuits on multi-circuit flushmount versions, 4 on table versions.

The LS300 Series Talkback Loudspeaker Outstations are designed to cover a wide range of applications at modest price. They can be used in a push-to-talk mode with the built-in microphone, or fitted with a plug-in gooseneck microphone for hands-free duplex communications. Alternatively, when required, plugging a headset or handset into the front panel turns the unit into a headset outstation, automatically muting the loudspeaker.

The override function is operated by an ultrasonic control tone generated elsewhere in the system. The LS300 series is designed to provide several functions in override mode as outlined in the features above. Override can be used to take control of the system by forcing all loudspeaker stations from talk into listen mode. Emergency announcements can be provided for by turning on outstations which are locally off. Alternatively, loudspeakers could be muted from a central location by presetting the volume to minimum, then activating override.

The table or surface mount box is reversible to allow the loudspeaker unit to face upward or downward when surface mounted. There is an additional user option to mount the connector, or make a cable exit in the rear face of the box. Keyhole slots are provided for wall fixing.

Note: Care must be exercised when using LS300 Series Loudspeaker Station in hands-free duplex applications. The unit deliberately contains no vox switching so as to prevent loss of syllables. While excellent side-tone rejection prevents the unit feeding back to itself, system feedback can occur if several hands-free units are in simultaneous use, or if headsets on the circuit are removed when turned up to a high volume. Use in push-to-talk mode, or with a headset, will prevent feedback problems should they occur.

Versions available

LS311F Single circuit flushmount (screw terminal connections)
LS311T Single circuit table/surface mount (XLR 3 pin connections)
LS312F Mullti-circuit flushmount (screw terminal connections)
LS312T Multi-circuit table/surface mount (XLR 6 pin connections)
LS319FB Flushmount steel back box for LS311F and LS312F
Detachable lid. Order LS311F separately.
LS331 Single circuit rackmount (XLR 3 pin connections)
LS332 Multi-circuit rackmount (XLR 6 pin connections)
Technical Specifications
Power requirements: Equivalent to 2 to 5 headset stations dependent upon
(from system power average sound level
Microphone input: To suit 200 to 600 ohm dynamic microphones
Audio input: Loudspeaker – 3W max, over 96dB SPL at 1m
Headset – to suit 8 ohm to 4k ohm headphones
Comms line: Bridging impedance >5k ohm
Dimensions: Flush mount – 135 ×242mm, min depth 50mm. Weight: 0.9kg
Table/surface mount: 148 ×245 ×85mm. Weight: 1.9kg
Finish: Metal enclosure with black enamel finish