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CANFORD HSS CABLE 1 core, screened, Black

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  • HSS
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CANFORD HSS CABLE 1 core, screened, Black
CANFORD HSS CABLE 1 core, screened, BlackCANFORD HSS CABLE 1 core, screened, Black


Single core “noiseless” extra flexible screened cable with both conductive plastic and helical screens, plus conductive plastic coating on inner core for ultra-low microphony. Suitable for unbalanced signal connections in conjuction with Neutrik phono connectors NF2C series, Canford Superphono series, and all 6.35mm jack plugs. Also useful as the ultimate “noiseless” guitar cable!

Cable prep note: To further reduce handling noise and microphony the black semi-conductive layer is bonded to the foamed polyethylene skin that surrounds the conductor insulator. Please ensure that no slithers of this layer can make contact with the signal conductor or contacts when terminating onto your connector.
Technical Specification:
Conductor: 7/0.2mm (0.22mm²) tinned copper wire
Coating: Semi-conductive layer, with polyethylene skin
Insulation: Foamed polyethylene
Coating: Semi-conductive layer bonded to insulation
Screen: 52/0.12mm helically wound, tinned copper wire
Overall jacket: Soft semi-matt PVC, OD 6.2mm, ±0.2mm
Max. conductor resistance: 9.0 ohms/100m
Max. screen resistance: 3.5 ohms/100m
Capacitance: 140pF/m core to screen
Weight: 5.4kg/100m
Reel length: 100m and 500m
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre